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                                                                    5 Hobbies that make money


Everyone has a hobby that they enjoy in their free time. It is the most brilliant idea to earn a living from engaging in your hobby. Instead of doing it for fun and leisure, you can get the satisfaction of knowing it is no longer a pastime but a career. Doing what you love is of vital importance because you will never get bored or need to be pushed to improve your performance. You may not gain as much you would have wanted but the chance to use your creativity will give you lasting satisfaction.

The best thing about making your hobby pay you is that you become and independent thinker. You need to figure out how to make the most out of it and improve it as you develop it. It may take longer than you expected or cost you more than you anticipated but eventually, you will most likely succeed because it is what you are designed for. The most common hobbies that make money in which people have successfully invested today include; Photography, Play games, Writing, Test applications, Social media.


Photograph is among the easiest of money making hobbies around the world. All you need is have a heart for the splendor in images and a good camera to capture the images. It would be extremely important to first invest in an effective device of a camera. If you already own a good camera, all you need is confidence to pursue it but first; as a side hustle. A good camera will boost the quality of your pictures to give you the edge you need in the market.

Today, professional photography boasts the runners up position for most lucrative business on Instagram. A myriad of brands are always willing to pay for a sponsored post. This means you may not need to wait for attaining huge numbers of followers before reaching your goal.


Most people are skeptical on playing games all day but the idea that it could be a way to making money is exciting enough to guarantee your indulgence. If you can be sure to make money as a side hustle playing your favorite game, there is no reason not to try. The logic here is to first, create a pattern that will get people turning their attention to you. You can make profits by monetizing your skill from the high demand of potential customers.

Live streaming on twitch is one of the ways to make money via gaming. Just like YouTube, you can share ad revenue. Another way is to get occasional subscription donations from a huge group of viewers.

This is a fast growing industry especially with the increase in Internet connectivity around the world. Experienced gamers have a chance as entrepreneurs if they learn how to use the space to gain income.


Online writing can be lot more beneficial than an exciting hobby where you entertain your readers on a blog. This is the biggest home money making business you can achieve today besides gaming and social media. Apart from working on payable jobs, you can use online publishing to further your career in specific topics of interest. Renting out your skills can earn you the money you need to achieve financial freedom. Some people build reliable platforms for sharing ideas. It could be the edge you have been waiting for so grab the chance. 

Majority of online writers sell it as a service by freelancing on online websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. What you can be sure is that content writers are on demand and make a living from it. Other writers focus on blogs for paid gigs. For those with the discipline and time, it is more reasonable to keep a reliable daily blog. All you need is a niche in the market in a topic of interest where people can follow on a daily basis. Trendy topics include; travel, cooking, politics, and sport.

Social Media

The advancement and dependency on social media today gives a chance to most people who are outgoing to make a career online. The fundamental logic is to create of a huge network of followers not only from one platform but a myriad of websites through sharing content. Once you have achieved a huge following, you are at the verge of making a good impact if only you get that vital niche in the market.

Test Applications

With numerous applications emerging every day, testing apps and websites has become a valuable task to engage as a money making venture. You may earn from as much as USD 10 from one test completed. The bigger benefit is most clients make weekly payments meaning that your side hustle will help you through times you do not need to wait for your monthly salary.

A hobby is what you do in your pass time and can it free because you enjoy doing it. However, the chance to make money out if the hobby is lucrative and could be your way out towards financial freedom. Take the chance and turn your hobby into an income-generating project. If you have the motivation to begin something but is not sure how and where to start, consider if you are good in it and seek knowledge and skill as necessary equipment for the task first.




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