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Action figure as a Hobby

Why do you collect toys?


Many hobbyists collect toys – in particular action figures. There is no specific answer why they do so, but it can be a specific character that they collect. Some collect these action figures to sell them to another collector at a higher price. Then there are the passionate collectors who enjoy the thrill of hunting for the action figure at the best price.


Collecting these pieces is a hobby for those who cherish the simple times of growing up as a kid, idolizing the super heroes and crusaders. By no means, this can be a casual enthusiasm but is rather a commitment.



How did toy action heroes emerge?


That’s a long and an interesting story. The first action hero figures were the militia. Statuettes of Napolean, Julius Ceasar, Hannibal, and other figures from history were popular for their association with war.

The modern collectors, however, are more inclined towards culture icons typically adapted from comic books, movies, and sports. The principal with action figures remains that the item must always be in the mint condition forever. These are collectibles and their prices are dependant on the scarcity.



What are the attributes of a successful collector?


For those interested in collecting action heroes, patience is a much required virtue. Some elemental concept of action figure as a hobby collection is to predict when an item’s value will rise. The truth of collecting action movie characters such as The Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, and more is that they have sustained their popularity over the years and will only continue to draw similar interest without getting affected by other figurines. 

A true hobbyist will work to accumulate complete sets and assemble as many action figures as possible. For instance, if you decide to sell, the entire collection holds interest to buyers when compared to a single action figure. 



Factors related to action figures


Unlike other collections, action heroes will only appreciate in value for limited edition collectibles. In fact, the superhero toy market is no longer for the children anymore. The 2019 toy industry sales decreased by 3 percent, but the action figure sector was up by a whopping 14 percent. The collectibles are also expensive: adult-focused action figures .


Overall, with insight and timing, your action figure collectible from their moment of release could fetch you over ten times within a few years time.


Collectors and their action figure


When it comes to gathering these pieces as a hobby, instead of playing, collectors like to keep them safely packed in boxes and have them as a display. The true pleasure of an action toy collection comes only when you collect pieces that you love and whose value will only increase over time. 


Always purchase your figures strategically, if you are buying them both for fun and value. Knowing which of the action toys will have a higher value is important if you really want to build such a collection. There are many places to look for the appropriate ones such as garage sales, trade events, magazines, and newspapers.  





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