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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Airsoft as a Hobby

Airsoft is a sport of teams in which the objective is to eliminate members of the rival faction. For this, they use replicas of weapons that shoot plastic balls of 6mm in diameter. As you can see in the photo above, airsoft guns are virtually indistinguishable from real guns. That's where the airsoft's appeal comes from something like paintball.


In addition to the paintball guns look like toy guns, the CO2 tank and the hop (space where the paintballs are kept) make the business look like a water mink. In airsoft, besides the ultra-realistic weapons, the use of clothing and military language is also encouraged. Even radios are used in play, to be able to communicate without giving the position to the enemy.


Do you love airsoft as a hobby?


Because airsoft guns are almost perfect replicas of real weapons, you can attach real weapon accessories to them - such as laser sight, muffler, telescopic sight, red dot scope (use google), rifles snipers, etc, thus this is a hobby that is practiced more and is liked by many.


Another cool thing about airsoft guns is that, because of their realism, they are great tools for filmmaking. To summarize in one sentence, airsoft is essentially a bunch of adults playing around to be soldiers. Looking airsoft as a hobby? Ah, ok. Why do not you go into the army right then, if you like these military schemes?


Because something that amuses me as a hobby does not necessarily have to be my lifestyle. Just because I enjoyed dressing up for Mario on Halloween, that does not mean I should wear such clothing permanently every other day of the year, or that I should try to get a job as a video game character imitator. Not to mention that there is that small detail that the army of the country where we live really sends soldiers to the fronts of the war.


In contrast, there is a lot of militaries that get so involved in the world of war that practiced airsoft to feel closer to the thing even in his free time. It tastes for everything, right?


Does airsoft as a hobby hurt?


Airsoft guns shoot between 300 and 350 feet per second. Snipers spend a bit of the 400. To put it in terms of comparability, according to Canadian law, weapons that fire projectiles at speeds exceeding 450 feet per second are considered firearms and their access is restricted.


It works rather than the “honor system ". Targeted players must voluntarily withdraw from the game. This is done through the dead rat, a red drapery that players carry in their pockets during the games. If you take a shot, pull the dead rat and shake it over your head - this code means that you are already out of the game and that other player should aim at other targets. So you can get out from behind your cover and walk quietly off the field without bothering to get shot in the face from all sides.  



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