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Man Doing Archery

Archery as a Hobby


You may know archery. This is a sport that uses bow and arrows. This sport is also popular in this days. The main skill that is needed in this sport is using a bow to push the arrows.


In the past, archery was used for hunting. In this days, archery has become a recreational sport. The person who performs archery known as an archer. An archer is also known as a bowman. This sport can be an exciting activity. Some people choose archery as a hobby.


Do you want to try? Performing archery is not too difficult. You should concentrate in order to hit your target. If you train seriously, I believe you can do it well. You will get great satisfaction when hitting your target perfectly. Archery is an impressive sport. You can get incredible experience when performing archery. Firstly, it may be so hard for the newbie.


There are many techniques in order to get the target.


You need to train patiently if you want to reach your goal. Once you perfected with fixed objects, you can try mobile objects. This will be very exciting.

If you decide archery as a hobby, certainly you need to know the basic rules of this sport. You should consider preparation, position, and release process. When your equipment (bow and arrows) are ready, you can start reaching your target. You should stand with your feet slightly apart.


Your feet should face the middle of your target. Do not forget to make sure that your toes are on one line. After your feet get the appropriate and comfortable position, hold the bow with your left hand. The left side of your body should face your target.


This position is for you who are right-handed. If you are left-handed, you can hold the bow with your right hand and your right body faces the target. Up to this step, I think you can do it well. So, it is not too difficult to make archery as a hobby.

After holding the bow, you need to hook up your arrow to the bowstring. Your index finger should be above the nock. Then, your middle finger and ring finger is positioned under the nock. You should position your fingers at the right place. The position will affect the result of your shooting. If you do not put your fingers correctly, the result will be bad.


Shooting needs concentration, so you should do all things perfectly. You should also consider the strength of your fingers to shoot properly. You need to align the bow arm as your shoulder.


When is the right time to shoot? You can start to shoot after feeling the right tension. You need to manage your respiration well. You should relax when releasing your arrow.


Preparing the release is important. You should know your dominant eyes. It is important to find the focus with your eyes. The steps are not difficult, are they? Many people have tried archery as a hobby. From now on, you can opt to choose archery as your new hobby.



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