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Soccer Player

Football as a Hobby

Sports are not just a discipline, but can also be a fun and entertaining hobby. Thousands of people play sports for hobbies, including many of those who play at a professional level. Soccer is one of the most practiced sports in the world. From children to adults play soccer to entertain and spend free time.


What Is Soccer?

It is a sport that is practiced between two teams of eleven players that try to introduce a ball into the opponent's goal, propelling it with the feet, the head or any part of the body except hands and arms; in each team there is a goalkeeper, who can touch the ball with his hands, although only inside the area; The team that achieves the most goals during the 90 minutes of the match wins.


There are different modalities or forms of playing football as a Hobby; the best known are:


Indoor Football

Commonly known as indoor soccer, it is played with 2 teams of 5 players each on hard ground, preferably flat. A futsal game lasts for 40 minutes and is divided into two halves of 20 minutes each.

This sport only measures the time played. For example, if the ball leaves the field of play or a foul is committed, the stopwatch is stopped until the ball comes into play again. In this modality, a maximum of 7 substitutions can be made.


Beach Soccer

It is played between 2 teams of 5 players each on smooth, level, flat and uniform sand. The sand can be beach or river. The thickness of the sand layer should be 40 cm; the size of the playing area is a rectangle of 34.5 to 38.5 m long, and from 25.5 to 29.5 m wide.


Football Eight

This game modality is developed in smaller courts than those of football 11. It is played with 2 teams, each with 8 players. The playing field can be grass, dirt or artificial turf. The dimensions of the court are 45 to 68 m in length and 30 to 45 m in width. The ball has a circumference of 62 to 66 cm. The match lasts for 2 equal sections, of minimum 30 minutes.


Football Seven

It has characteristics similar to football eight, is played with 2 teams of 7 players each, the game area has the same dimensions, as well as the distribution in the time of play and rules.


Soccer or Field

It is the most common modality that is known. It is played on a natural turf field, with 11 players on each team. The measures of the pitch are 90 to 120 m long and 45 to 90 m wide, but for international matches, the following measures are recommended: between 100 and 110 m long, and between 64 and 75 m wide. Each team is allowed to make maximum 3 changes of players in the full game time, which lasts 90 minutes with a time of 15 minutes.


Football, besides being an entertaining activity, it’s also a sport that offers innumerable benefits. The first is that it is present everywhere, which makes it possible to practice at any time.

Likewise, it stimulates the character and motivation of the person, accustoming it to teamwork, to maintain the competitive spirit.

Physically, soccer is an excellent way to lose calories and tone the muscles of the legs and abdominals. Similarly, recent studies have indicated that the practice of this sport in a constant manner will have the advantage of being able to maintain a regular control of their weight, as well as eliminate the accumulation of fat in the back of the buttocks.

It should be noted that the practice of football at the professional level should be subject to a prior physical evaluation because it is a highly demanding sport.

For a game to be absolutely dominated the team fundamentally needs a key piece which will be in charge of deciding for the group the correct revolutions that the team will have to develop. This fundamental piece is the game builder, who is usually a midfielder. Without a good game builder, mastering a game would be much more difficult or impossible.

So if we identify the best game builder on the team, we already have half the requirements to dominate the game. The following requirements come from the collective organization of the team since to dominate the encounter the main resource is the consequent pass, that is, to touch the ball as much as possible and avoid long distance passes as much as possible. Without consistent passes anywhere in the field, dominating a football game would be impossible; and the one who takes care of that important activity is just the game builder.

If we have on our team a good game builder and a "culture of consistent passes", then we only need another last group of tips that will end our strategy to dominate matches.


These are:

1. Go out touching the ball, no matter how much pressure the opposing team has against your team. This will help develop the team's creativity and make the other team wear more. Never throw a long pass when you are leaving your side of the field.

2. If you play offensively, touch the ball in the ¾ parts of the opponent field constantly, and advance a little more defense to avoid an unexpected counter-attack and play with the offside. This way you will recover the ball immediately to continue your attack.

3. Keep in mind that the offensive game wears out your team, so try to alternate your offensive game with a more passive game (with touches) in different stages of the match.

4. Never despair to score a goal. Very important.

5. For this type of game strategies, we do not attack the one hand especially, as almost all teams, we attack all 3 sides depending on the context or the immediate defensive weaknesses of the opposing team: on the right, on the left, In the center. Thus our attack alternatives will be more numerous and the surprise factor will be annihilating.

6. When the opposing team has the ball; the pressure of your team to the other will be very important to recover the ball immediately, although sometimes you have to let the other have possession of the ball to take a breath, but it should be controlled.

7. Be you the team with the most possession of the ball and set a percentage goal for each game.
Now that you know all the steps to master a game, I invite you to put it into practice with your football team. You can quickly notice the psychological change of your team; you will notice it’s more professional.



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