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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Backpacking travel as a Hobby

A fantastic hobby that is loved by many people across the world is that of a backpacking travel. As a backpacking traveler, you get the opportunity to visit great outdoor locales and enjoy the breathtaking scenery to venture into new lands.


Often regarded as one of the most exciting options for travel for a backpacker has been a trek – whether in the close countryside, amidst distant lands, or even the highest of snow-capped terrains.


Backpacking trips are suitable for anyone fancying to giving it a go!


Being prepared

Backpacking trips go smoothly if you are prepared for the adventure. Always research about the location where you will be likely to be trekking. Have a clear understanding on the terrain before you start off!


If unprepared, you could be risking yourself into potentially dangerous situations.

Check to see whether your camping gear is in the right condition. Make sure you carry everything that you need for these expeditions – food, water supplies, sleeping bag, your tent.


Of course, don’t forget to carry a properly sized backpack good enough to stock your basic survival needs.


Travel light

For a backpacking travel, the emphasis of a lightweight gear just cannot be stressed enough. You surely do not bear all the load of excess baggage, which you probably may not use.


So, do not be overladen with more weight, than you actually can take with you. Remember, a worn out and tired body will always hamper your backpacking plans.

For your hobby to be relaxing and worthwhile, choose items that will double up so you can put them to multiple uses. Organize your packing before you set out exploring the next time.


You will be surprised to discover that there are many such products that you can do without or have an alternative backup already.


Saves expenses

There are more advantages to a lighter backpacking travel. You get the fantastic opportunity to visit another country. What’s more? It doesn’t really cost you the Earth if you happen to critically examine your expenses.


For instance, your travel may include camping up at night. So, you won’t necessarily have to stay in a hotel.


Dress efficiently

Do remember to pack some clothing that will dry out quickly. Check out the different range of clothing for travel enthusiasts. Choose to carry only those outfits that you can easily wash and dry during the night. Take with yourself, sturdy and suitable boots that are waterproof and lets your feet breathe.


The clothes that you wear in layers is a nice addition to your gear. Be sure to carry a fleece jacket with you.


The Best Resources for Getting Started with Backpacking travel 

Here are some of the best free resources to get you started with a backpacking travel hobby right away.

Are you traveling to?

The first thing that you must take care of even before you set forth on your journey is to know where you’re headed to for a vacation. By that, it means knowing about the weather of the place.


Every place has a different climate, so make sure you have an idea of whether it’s going to be hot or cold or rainy when you reach there.


Your travel destination accordingly

If you’re beginning out on your backpacking travel hobby, you must be very sure of where you want to go and why? Are you traveling to this particular place because of an event or to see something really rare and stunning noticeable only during a specific time of the year?


Either way, you must be prepared of having the place overloaded with fellow travelers, like you. To attend any special event, always take care to make your bookings in advance. And, of course, check for free tickets too.


For cheap air tickets

As a beginner, you will want to explore things on a budget, especially when on a long-term backpacking travel hobby plan. Even the most seasoned backpackers always try to check for cheap flights.


Find cheap flights to your destination at Skyscanner, Kayak, Cheapoair, Airfare Watchdog, and Google Flights. You can find your ideal seat at SeatGuru and you would like to check out if you want to catch some sleep. 


More stuff at home!

It is highly advisable and can’t be overstressed, but you would want to make your travel easier and comfortable.

Access your belongings faster by using Compression Packing bags that lets you categorize your things easily and there’s no need to unpack each time you need something.

Keep light outside while sleeping with the NASA designed and developed Tempur Sleeping Mask.

Sleep comfortably and never let your neck hurt using an inflatable pillow.

Carry a noise cancelling headphone that you can use to cut outside sound. With these headphones on, you’ll hardly notice anything.

For a better selection of travel gear visit Amazon, Zappos, REI, Sierra Trading Post.


The right backpack size

Always buy a smaller backpack as it will be enough for you to pack your belongings. Remember, the weight will cause discomfort after a while when carrying around on your back. So, keep the size of your bag at 50 litres. Here are some of the most for your backpacking travel hobby.


Your hobby by visiting an easy country!

Pick an easy country to start your trip. May be you can begin as a backpacker in Australia and New Zealand. Even Thailand and Indonesia are great choices as these countries welcome almost thousands of backpackers every year.


You can even consider travelling to China or India next. Always do your research and be prepared for culture shock when on a trip to places with harsher climatic conditions such as Alaska, Russia, and more.


Plan an entire trip at once

As much as you don’t want things to mess up during your travel plan, allow time for spontaneity. What if you liked a place so much that you want to stay back and enjoy more ample time, may be few more days or weeks? But, you’ve already booked flight tickets and the accommodation at another location over the next few weeks. You’ll lose all that money.


So, relax and un-plan sometimes! It’s the best way to soak into the present time than have superficial moments when on a backpacking travel hobby.


On an accommodation

There are several websites where you can book for an accommodation right from your phone. It’s simple and easy to find a rented apartment, hostel, dorm room, or hotel at Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor. For other types of stays, refer to HostelWorld, Priceline, CouchSurfing, and Camping.


To pick the right travel insurance? 

Don’t compromise on the travel insurance as you might face some hassles if something bad happens to you. Check out the various travel insurance plans in your home country.


Look to see how much coverage they provide. Do they cover most vehicles in their insurance? Often, many don’t cover a scooter or bicycle, but you may have to travel on one when visiting certain countries. So, make adequate research to discover the best travel insurance like World Nomads to secure your travelling plans.


Is the best banking company when traveling?

Some banks don’t charge you for oversees ATM withdrawal. You don’t want to pay in excess each time you withdraw money, especially when you’re on a foreign land where you must spend cautiously, unless you’re teaching English, working as an Au Pair, Bartender, farm worker, diving instructor, yacht worker, and more where you can earn and save money on accommodation and food (if provided).


Alone or travel with a partner

Be 100% sure that you’re going to travel with someone. Know that the person accompanying you is in the same page as you when it comes to traveling together.


After all, you don’t want to get into fights when travelling. Be sure whether you want to be with each other all the time as you will have to travel together 24/7.


Once you know that this is the person you want to share your traveling expeditions when setting foot abroad together, then it’ll be the most liberating experiences for you both on a backpacking travel hobby.

Sometimes, even during traveling you don’t want to continue moving from one place to another. It’s not that you don’t enjoy your backpacking travel hobby. Of course, you do! That’s why you’re there. It is normal for anyone to feel jetlagged when traveling in different time zones.


For inspiration on travel, these are some great sites to visit – WikiVoyage, Reddit, Timeout City Guides, Trip Advisor, Atlas Obscura, and Nomadic Matt.

Finally, your hobby will give you the ultimate rewarding experience of backpacking when you have the right gear for you. Pick from a wide range of quality backpacking and camping gears to enjoy your backpacking travel to the fullest!



Talk to travel enthusiasts on various forums and find out more about the best trekking locations and the gear suitable for use. 



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