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Badminton hobby

Badminton as a Hobby

Thinking of badminton, you might see it same as tennis, the only difference between them, in general, is the ball. There are some debates among fans to decide which sport is tougher.


However, it should not be on the debate because both sports share interesting facts that can help people in maintaining their fitness.


Badminton is easy to do and you don't need to spend hundred dollars to start playing it. Tennis may sound more familiar, but badminton is still one of the most attractive racquet sports that you can afford in less than $100 depending on the racquet you choose.


You don't need to get to the advanced level when you want to just start it from the beginning. You can prepare the area you play, even you can play it in front of your house or in the garden.


It is so okay when you want to start learning how to smash, stroke or else. Don't go into an intense game when you have not been familiar with badminton stroke.

Once your hand has been familiar with this sport, you can join badminton forum where you can ask anything there and then ask guidance to play properly.


Start learning the rules and get yourself familiar with the gameplay of badminton. You can watch it on YouTube where you can find any kind of videos like a trick shot, how to serve, how to flick serve and how to do some drives and more.


As BWF (Badminton World Federation) has the official channel, you can start loving badminton from there. After knowing some basic rules in badminton, you can go often to badminton hall and play with other people who love badminton too.


Don't give up when you lose in your first match.


You will get used to fighting. It is hard though, but when the challenge is burning, you can simply fall in love with badminton as a hobby. 

When the challenge is up and the addiction comes, you will see your progress. You see yourself progressing, the skill and the familiarity with the shots and more.


It is simple to make badminton as a hobby because the challenge and adrenaline to have at least one win is on fire. When the addiction has come, don't forget to set the limit.


I hope you would like to learn the game of badminton as a hobby.




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