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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Bartending as a Hobby

Have you ever thought of serving drinks like a pro? When you go to the bar and see some cool bartenders, you may want to try to serve. It looks easy, but it needs skill. You just can't pour the drinks like you pour mineral water because it needs art.


Not all people can be a bartender, but you can try at home and then have a bar at your own home. It could be interesting to have your own bar and have some fun with your family members. You have wine, and get some bottles and ask your family members to sit and see your bartending skills.


It could be a relaxing activity when you do it like once a week or twice a month when you have nothing to do but you just want to sit and spend your hours at home.


Making bartending a hobby could be rare and sometimes they doubt whether it’s fun or not because it sounds just like drinking wine with family members and no fun at all. You still can manage to do it and make your house to be like a party house so that you get the real atmosphere as it is in the real bar.


However, it is still worth to try especially new things like bartending and this is how it works.

If you want to start bartending as a hobby, you could start learning to mix the drinks. It needs skills and artistic pouring. Bartenders usually have talent in mixing drinks and the taste could simply make the visitors satisfied.


Not all bartenders could fit everyone's taste, but once you could mix A to Z with feelings, you could make it perfect. Shaking is another skill you should have because it is an important skill in mixing drinks.


You have to know how to mix fruit juice with wine, cream, and others. The ingredients should fit taste. You have to learn to hold the cocktail shaker that can help you to mix the ingredients for the drink.


The best way to serve the tastiest drink is by freezing and then breaking it using the cocktail shaker. When there has been a drop of water on the shaker’s ground, you could serve the drink. 

Another skill you have to master when you are going to learn to bartend and make it as a hobby is straining. Most of the cocktail shakers come with a strainer. It depends on the patron you have to serve. Few of them don't like dregs and they want to have a clean drink, but some of them like the dregs. When they ask you to serve the drink with a crushed ice cube, then you don't have to strain it. It could be easy when you do it many times. You can know when to stop straining and when to stop stirring.


Last thing to learn in bartending as a hobby is flaming. It is to add flavor when some of the patrons ask to do it. There is certain timing to get the right flaming. It could take more or less time. 




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