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Base jumping hobby

Base jumping as a Hobby, do you want to try?

Base Jumping is a kind of sport with the outstanding meaning of the word base. B is building, A is Antenna, S is Span, and E is Earth. It means this sport can be played in those spots.


A player can choose one of those four objects to jump. Base Jumping as a hobby is not a rare thing to find anymore. Many countries have announced it as one of the sport although in the other of countries this sport is illegal.

You need to prepare your soul and mind before you try this activity. Are you ready? 

Base jumping as a hobby needs special attention, especially related to the equipment. In due to this activity is quite extreme and the worst risk of it dies, the player should have a parachute.


However, although the player has a parachute, he also needs to be guided by a professional. This sport is a kind of recreational activity when the player straps a parachute to his back. It is similar to skydiving. The time of this activity has no limits. You could fly through the bridges, cliffs, and antenna. This kind of sport gives you a satisfaction. A lot of adrenaline-inducing excitement is out although there must be the risks behind it.


Even if you are an amateur, you still can do it anytime you desire in special place and coach. Base jumping as a hobby can be done by anyone, but before you expert, you should do the exercise regularly because this kind of activity should not have any wrong.


When there is a failure, it means there will a die probability. The main context of this sport is the backup. The backup chutes should always available to anticipate the fails of the main parachute. Well, everything could happen and you should beware. 

When people say that this sport is too extreme to be a hobby, you may find something fun here. When you can shout, fly, and see the good view at a time are the perfect moment ever.


This is not a cheap hobby, so if you want to have it as your hobby, check the budget. Even this sport takes a lot of money, it is worth to its benefits and your satisfaction.



Prove if you brave! Men and women can try this sport! Shout as loud as you could and take out your stress! 




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