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Baseball Player

The fundamentals of practicing your Baseball Hobby

While American football might be the most popular sport in the country, no sport has come to symbolize American culture like baseball.


The combination of athleticism, skill, intelligence, and grace required to succeed in the sport is truly what makes it so American, and why it came to define America's greatest hobby for the better part of a century.

But baseball's beauty is the simplicity of being able to simply throw a ball, and/or hit the ball thrown by someone else. So how do you get good at this baseball hobby overall? Let's take a closer look:


Maximizing Your Baseball Hobby: Pitching Practice 

The two key things you need to understand as far as practicing pitching to advance your baseball hobby are the ideas of how your grip the ball before you pitch, and the fundamentals of delivering the ball through your pitch.

When you hold the ball in different manners with your fingertips, that will help you enhance the speed in which the pitch is delivered, and the movement that you get on your pitch; ie, the movement you see in a curveball or slider. When you grip the ball on the seams, your pitch will sink a bit more, but when you grip it across the seams, it will likely rise.

From there, it's about how you throw your pitch. You want to start out lightly, with a simple game of throw and catch, while practicing your gripping.


After that, start adding more parts to simulate your pitch, including winding up a bit more, lifting your leg to generate the momentum needed for your pitch, and then eventually starting to transfer weight from your back leg through your front leg, just as how you would see a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher perform.


Maximizing Your Baseball Hobby: Hitting Practice 

While it may otherwise seem counterintuitive, since hitting a ball involves moving your arms to move the baseball bat, perfect hitting form requires your entire body to move in a fluid and synchronous manner.

Your feet are where your motion starts, and you want to make sure that they provide the proper stability to drive through your swing.


So, you want to practice keeping your weight squarely on your feet, and transferring it properly through your swing. You want to keep your hands firmly on the bat, but moving towards the ball.


As you start to hit the ball, you want to make sure your hands help you swing your bat "through" the pitch.

Even the balance of your head makes a huge difference. In addition to the fact that you want to keep your eyes on the ball throughout your swing, you want to make sure your head is properly balanced on your shoulders so that you can maintain a proper rotation of your shoulders through your swing.

With all those in mind, then you want to commit to swinging your bat as often as possible as part of your baseball hobby.


Starting your motion slowly, and then building up speed as you become comfortable. If you want some practice in hitting a ball with your swing, feel free to use a stationary tee to mimic the idea of doing so.


Practicing Your Baseball Hobby

The beauty of baseball is that you don't need to be some otherworldly athlete to succeed in the sport. In football, only the biggest and strongest athletes tend to succeed.


Basketball requires a requisite height, leaping ability, combined with some level of superior foot speed.


Even ice hockey requires the ability to move on the ice with the swiftness and speed of doing so on foot while being able to maneuver a puck with a hockey stick.


With these recommendations outlined above, in terms of how to practice this sport, you should easily be able to begin to maximize your enjoyment of your baseball hobby.



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