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Baton twirling hobby

Baton Twirling as a Hobby Needs a Special Attention

Having a sport as a hobby is a common thing for men. However, if the women love to do the Baton Twirling, it will be a different case because the most of Baton Twirling players are women.


Baton Twirling as a hobby is simple to do, but some standards should be owned by the players because this sport is a kind of a manipulation of a metal rod. It requires body parts coordination routine which is similar to color guard and rhythmic gymnastics. It combines flexibility and dance while a single or multiple batons are demonstrated to manipulate.

Some countries include this sport as an extra activity at school and mostly available in high school. It is performed with music and the player should release the baton into the air. The player should have the skill to dance, flexibility, and coordination to create the visual images. She has to be disciplined to use the space and time to perform technical merit and expression.


She can perform in a group or compete for solo. To use Baton Twirling as a hobby, you have to learn it since at the early age and at least in grade school. 

Having fun with this sport is possible because of the associated harmony and movement from the player which makes the audiences to enjoy the beat too. If you would like to have Baton Twirling as a hobby, you should learn from an early age and have a slim body.


It is fun to do anywhere and anytime as long as you get the melody. You should have baton because it is the key to this activity. You can make it fun by enjoying the beat and the motion. Check the Star Line collection because it is the most common manufacturer of batons. 

To be a good Baton Twirling player, you need to maintain your ideal weight because to have a good harmony of motion and the beat, you need to move nicely and smoothly. It needs a guide for it and you need a coach to help you make a nice performance which blends the motion and everything else well.


It is one of the fun hobby, but need special exercise. Some people may say it’s similar to majorette. However, it has a different equipment, beat, and a number of players. To start this sport, you should love dance and music. This keeps your body healthy and full of fun! Women should try it! 




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