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Break Dance

Learn to start Breakdancing as a hobby

Have you ever seen some cool guys and girls dancing on the street or performing on TV? It is a breakdancing, a kind of new dance type raising in 70s. Some people make breakdancing as a hobby.


It could be great to practice breakdance because you can get the fun with music and also you get the fitness. Before we start talking about it, we may need to see the history of breakdancing as a hobby first.


It is just kind of street dance. It could be many kind of styles in one performance, and there are like fourm main dance such as freezes, power moves, down rock and toprock. The music, which follows breakdancing is usually beat music, funk and hip-hop.


In the modern time when everything is so fluid, breakdancing also comes with wide varieties of music depending on the tempo dancers like. Basically, this hobby or breakdancing was firstly popular in African American and Puerto Rican youths. Most of them are street gangs.


Then it spread to worldwide through media like in several countries in East Asia and America. Some people also call this breakdancing as b-girl, b-boy, or breaker. It usually referers to the pop-culture.

As it has been spread worldwide, this breakdancing as hobby comes very popular like in every country. You can recognize many TV shows also have breakdancing competition. It can be caught in many hip-hop clubs.


Since 1970 to 2000, breakdancing became worldwide wave and always follows the trend of hip-hop music as you can see many music videos of hip-hop back then coming with that kind of dance. So, if you want to make breakdancing as a hobby, you can learn through videos, and you can join to the dance studio near you.


You don't have to worry about the cost, it's almost free if you can be doing it authodidax. You don't need to buy this and that, just use your phone or computer to get more videos of breakdancing. Learn the basic and practice more. Make times to practice regularly and always learn new moves and polish it.


When you have been sure about breakdancing as a hobby, you just need to allocate times and never give up. Start with new or easy move you can learn and then make it regular until you are professionally moving the styles one by one.


Once you have got all moves from learning, you can combine all of the elements and styles you have learned. What are the elements? Here are the dance elements you can start learning them one by one.

The dance elements you have to learn one by one to master breakdancing is toprock. It is just string of step you can do from standing position.


It is the first opening you have to do when you are going to do breakdancing moves. It has various steps and you can make it based on your expression like you have to show the aggressiveness or the excitement on dancing. It is free on toprock, you can make your own move as the opening.


You could do locking, popping, house dance and more. The second element is downrock. Many people also call it as footwork because it is the moves on the floor. The hands support the body while the dancer doing footwork or floorwork. It has six basic steps.


The third move is power moves. It needs momentum because it is the killer move to show your skill. It is always like acrobatic style. It needs strength, speed, flexibility and endurance when you are going to show it. The last is freeze where the dancers stop themselves off using body strength in pose like pike. 

The Best Free Resources for Getting Started with Breakdancing 

Most people view breakdancing as just another street craze, what they fail to understand is that apart from being a means of entertainment, it helps one to work muscle s and also to burn calories. Breakdancing can be done by anyone and from anywhere.


Though some people believe that breakdancing is dangerous, it isn’t. You only have to learn the moves but ensure that you don’t exceed your skill level. That way, you won’t get hurt.

It is not for a selected group of people, and thus no one should discourage you from learning this art. It is one of the most adaptable dances that you just have to learn. To help you get started, here are some of the free resource that you can use and learn this skill


Visit Breakdancing Websites 

If there’s any place that you’ll be assured to get information on anything that you are looking for, it’s online, and breakdancing is not an exception. A lot of websites have information on breakdance with information on the history of breakdance, developments and even current news on the same.


You do not need to have a lot of money with you to get access to these websites because all you need is a device that can give the gate pass to the internet.


So if for example you have an Android phone and you are craving to learn on breakdancing moves, you’ll just get online and look for such websites. The following are some of the websites where you can get information on breakdancing; You will get a chance to subscribe for access to 3 free breakdance beginner movies on this site. In addition to that, you will also have access to short videos that are regularly posted on this website by tutors from this site.

Breakdancing is the best site. Here you'll get not only free videos on breakdancing but also articles on breakdancing but videos on the events of Ninja himself performing live. It is one great site, and you will learn a lot from here. will get a chance to get access to videos on this site and also get free tutorials.

ThoughtsCo. -On this site, you'll find information on arts, music, recreation and performing arts. The skills include breakdancing.


Download Free Apps 

If there is any other place you’ll find on breaking, it’s on apps. The good thing is that there are plenty of free apps where one can learn on breakdance.


You only have to download the app on your device and learn on breakdancing day in day out until you perfect on the skill. Some of the free apps that you can find on breakdancing are;

Break Dance Free –the app has information on everything you need to know on breakdance. You’ll learn about the different moves on breakdance until you perfect on the skill.

Break Dance Tips-on this app you will you will get the chance to learn about different breakdance techniques and go through step by step instructions on the craft.

Break Dance for Android-here you’ll get classes on breakdancing from beginner level to complicated moves for pros.


Get Information from eBooks 

You will never lack an eBook with information on something you are looking for, and breakdancing is no exception. Although for you to access information on most these eBooks you have to pay, there are some that you can access. Here comes the best one;

Encyclopedia of Breakdancing- Written by Ninja of Breakdancing book is the best read you can ever go through. With 169 pages, this book has everything you would want to know on breakdancing from history to what you need to have in readiness for breakdancing and a lot more; you get yourself the eBook.


Learn Through Videos 

Nowadays, most people are obsessed with videos. If they can get information about something on both video and books, they’ll most probably choose to learn using the video. That said, you can get access to most of these videos online with tutorials on breakdancing. Some of these videos are;

Breakdance Breakin’-This is a 1984 video form cute films which cover French urban festival where you can watch breakdance.

Breakdown Basics on YouTube-This video gives tutorials on breakdance. It is one great video that you need to watch if you want to learn some breakdancing moves.

How to breakdance for beginners on YouTube-Avail yourself some time and get the chance to watch this video as well. It is a tutorial on some of the simple moves on breakdancing.


Learn from Books 

You can never go wrong with books. Books have always been our most excellent source of information. It is therefore easy for you to get information on breakdancing in books as well. Some of the best books on breakdancing are;

The Illustrated History of Breakdancing- Written by Steven Hanger, it has the best information on breakdancing that you'll ever find. It examines the development in New York city of a black culture centered around breaking dancing. Get yourself this copy, and you'll never regret.

Breakdance-Written by Jabirus Green and David Bramwel, this book gives all the information you would need to know on breakdancing. It has pictures and graphics and therefore understanding breakdance move through the book is very easy.

You can't learn the art of breakdancing in one day, but you can become a pro if you get used to the available materials accessible to you and also put your dedication to you.


Let no one discourage you. And breakdancing hobby to your list of other hobbies like calligraphy hobby, pottery hobby, amateur radio hobby among others. Practice daily, and you'll marvel at the results within no time. 




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