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It’s a Nice Idea to Make Bus Spotting as a Hobby

There are many different types of hobby that you may choose from. Some people consider bus spotting as a hobby. What do you think about this? Are you familiar with bus spotting? If you do not know about this activity, you need to comfortably sit and read this article. This is a unique hobby that you may also love. Keep reading.

Bus spotting is an activity where someone hunts to see buses in the certain fleet. Sometimes, someone also looks for buses produced by a certain manufacturer. The person who does this activity is often named as bus spotter. But, bus spotter has many names.


In Hong Kong, this person is known as a bus fan. The popular name of a bus spotter in the United Kingdom is a bus nut. Bus spotter also has another name in some places. People also call bus spotter as bus enthusiast. For bus industry, bus enthusiast is called as moquettes.


The name of moquettes is derived from the substance used to make the seat casing. Bus spotters commonly gather together in certain places with cameras or notepads. Then, they monitor the routes of the bus they like.

Bus spotters love riding and photographing buses. Are you interested in this activity? If you are interested in this activity, you can choose bus spotting as a hobby. I think it is a nice hobby. You can know more about buses and their routes. You will get much knowledge about buses.


In Indonesia, bus spotters were viral with the jargon “om telolet om”. This jargon became viral in many places. This jargon starts from the bus driver who sounds the horn when the bus spotters raise their thumb and say “om telolet om”. Commonly, the bus spotters will share their video. You can see the videos on the internet.

You can find many interesting things from various videos made by bus spotters. It is interesting, is it not? To do this unique hobby, you do not need to spend much budget. You can use your handphone to take picture or video. Bus spotters can be easily found in several places related to buses.


You can gather with other bus spotters in order to make this activity more enjoyable. You can get many new friends and certainly many experiences. You can have more fun when your favorite buses come. Some bus spotters have much knowledge about the buses, including the year of production, the machine, the route, and the price of the bus.


When riding your favorite bus, you can take a picture of the bus and the scenery around you. This can be good therapy to release your fatigue from the busy day. You can relax after enjoying your hobby. 

If you have decided to make bus spotting as your hobby, you should be careful. Photographing buses is good, but you should take care. Do not disturb the driver since it can distract the driver and cause an accident. You should follow prescribed rules while pursuing this hobby. 


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