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Get More Fun When Making Cabaret as a Hobby

Many people say that hobby is something or an activity you love to do. Do you agree with the statement? I think yes. Most people have a hobby. You may also have a hobby. There are many kinds of activities that can be chosen as a hobby. Some people choose cabaret as a hobby.


Wow!! It is a nice hobby. Do you know about cabaret? Cabaret is a kind of entertainment performed in a form of song, music, dance, or drama. It is often performed in a restaurant, a nightclub, or a pub.

The word cabaret was first used hundreds of years ago, precisely in 1655. In 1912, cabaret was been performed in nightclubs and restaurants. The term cabaret in many countries has different histories.


The information in this post contains cabaret history in several countries. Cabaret was introduced in Paris in the 16 century. It was related to a modern restaurant that sold wine with a meal offered on the tablecloth. Cabaret was regularly used as meeting place for some artists.


Then, French musicians, poets, and writers began to meet in cabaret. In the Netherlands, cabaret is performed in theaters. There is a mixture music, theatre, and comedy that include the social and political theme. The mixture of those elements brings a nice performance.

The performers of cabaret are called cabaretiers. Now, they are often broadcasted on television. There are many people who look the cabaret and enjoy cabaret as a hobby. The performance of cabaretiers is often held on New Year’s Eve. There are many special cabaret shows on events of the past year.


Cabaret on the past year is chosen as a good entertainment for many people who wait the presence of New Year. The music, the stage, and the story are composed greatly to present great performance.

That is the short story of cabaret in Paris. Now, we move to Germany. In Germany, the cabaret performance is distinguished by humor and politic satire. Gallows humor is the main characteristic of German cabaret. If you see cabaret in German, you will find gallows humor within the performance.


Now, let’s have a look at cabaret in the US. In the US, cabaret differed into some styles of performance. The performance is commonly influenced by jazz music. Cabaret in the US ever turned down because of the growing popularity of rock band and television show. Then, cabaret rebirths in some areas, like Orlando, Seattle, and Missouri.

Do you want to make cabaret as a hobby? How to do this hobby? You just need to enjoy the performance. The audiences are commonly drinking or dining at their table while enjoying the performance. The performance can be a song, dance, or drama. In this performance, the audiences do not dance.


They only watch and enjoy the performance. A master of ceremonies often known as MC will introduce the performance. You can watch on television if you do not want to spend much money. If you want to watch it live, you can go to a restaurant or pub. You can ask your friend or your family to accompany you to enjoy the performance. 


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