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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Capoeira as a Hobby


Do you know what is Capoeira? 

It is an Afro-Brazilian art. It is a mixture of dance, martial arts, and music. It creates a great experience and becomes popular today and probably in the future.


It is a kind of sport but it becomes a good hobby to learn because it is fun and you can practice it in the home. Capoeira as a hobby is a good choice to keep you healthy.


This is not a punching and kicking martial arts only, but it has its own league.

Combining music with the sport, Capoeira successes on making a good performance more than just an art. Before you have Capoeira as a hobby, you need to know that it is not an easy hobby to do.


It is difficult to find a school which teaches it. The fighting technique combines with dancing and music has the rule to obey. Although it is possible to learn it by watching the video, the main technique stills hidden.


What makes you have Capoeira as a hobby?

You do not need any cost for the equipment because the only thing you should have is a good stamina and energy. Although you may see there is a uniform for it, it must be made by the instructor if you join a train.


You could join the class, but it is not impossible for you to learn by yourself from the video online. This is one of the amazing arts and you could see the example of it in the film Only Strong. You can browse more videos from your search engine.

Finding a great instructor in your country might be difficult, but if you interested in it, finding a small class of Capoeira in your country might be not difficult.


It is more than just a martial art. Therefore, once you want to learn this art, you get many benefits like how to kick and fight, how to dance, how to do some of gymnastics styles, and how to follow the beat. It is not only for adult, even teenager could try this.


A self-defense combines with the great movement will help you to have a better fast response. Capoeira is very good to have for men and women not only to create a better performance but also to help yourself from any crime.

Do you have any favorite Capoeira artist?

If you have, you can learn fast. The music of Capoeira helps you to remember the motion. You also will have a better mood after practice it.


Having it as a hobby will fresh your mind and body. In a healthy life, there will be a healthy soul. Now Capoeira grows around the world and if your country does not have it yet, remember if it will be in your country soon! Who will miss this martial art?


This is the cheap sport just like jogging. To be an expert in it is not difficult as long as you really wish to have it as your hobby.


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