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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Cheer Practice

Cheerleading as a Hobby

In addition to being essential to discover your tastes and passions in life, hobbies can help you to be a more productive person ... How? Find out in this note!


A routine life, where all we do are obligations, is not very healthy. Even if you think that working all day you are 100% productive, balancing the day between tasks and hobbies is recommended to yield more. Do you want to know the hobbies that will help you to be a productive person?


Here they go! Read ahead, what a hobby is?

Hobby- all about it:

There are recent studies that affirm that hobbies or hobbies help people to disconnect from the daily routine, considerably reducing the impact of some very common disorders nowadays, such as stress, sedentary life, loneliness or isolation, among others.


(Consequence of a very common and frequent rhythm of life in our society today), contributing to improve the welfare of the people who practice them.

It can be difficult to consider that cheerleaders are athletes in shape, maybe because we do not see them after a ball or having physical contact with their opponents, this may lead us to think that this activity is lacking elements to be considered a sport.


For many participants, this activity is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle since it encompasses a range of formative attitudes and values such as loyalty, discipline, leadership, teamwork, and union; necessary to form a true group of cheerleaders.


We can define cheerleaders as Practitioners of the art of performing routines that are an original mix of dance with music emphasizing visual effects, uprisings, extensions, pyramids, and force movements, precision.

What is cheerleading?

Cheerleading as a hobby includes Gymnastics, acrobatics, animation, dance, everything is mixed in this category where the pyramids are made and the jumps are seen.


As in Bucaramanga men are just taking their first steps, the same coaches have determined to eliminate some routines that can be dangerous for cheerleaders and that were previously: Free mortals, launches with more than two turns and pyramids with more than two and a half floors. So do you have a cheerleading as a hobby?


How to cope up with cheerleading as a hobby?

To participate in a cheerleading team it will be necessary to develop an excellent physical condition, discipline, elasticity, power, and strength so that the whole team looks so coordinated and precise that it looks like one.


Therefore, the routine must have at least six different figures at different heights, ie: standing, on the knees, sitting, etc., without changing from one to another is cut.


The music must be in accordance with the movements to give them a better effect, projecting the enthusiasm of the cheerleaders to the public. The novelty and originality of the routine, the attractiveness of the uniforms, the personal appearance and the facial expression of the cheerleaders are also taken into account.


Practitioners of this discipline are characterized by being developed, with leadership.

Also, you can look for programs over cheerleading and intake part in schools, ask friends to help you and much more.


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