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Comic Book Collection

Comic book collecting as a Hobby

Time has passed and maybe you have forgotten about it: The routine, the children, the debts and the eagerness of each day took you away from what you loved to do in your leisure time.


Big mistake: These activities are those that connect you with yourself, those that take you away from the daily stress, remind you of the child you are inside, the one who, although you do not believe, can be your savior in the face of the worries of every day.

What is a hobby?

It is usually practiced in leisure time Its importance lies in that, by doing what you are passionate about, you can take your worries and stress away from your mind for a while by focusing on an activity that relaxes you and makes you a creative being.


To choose your ideal pastime, you must know what your strongest personality traits are. If you are a creative and artistic person, you could try hobbies such as photography, painting, ceramics, music, fashion design, etc. If you are a more analytical and reflective person, look for related hobbies such as chess, puzzles, sudoku, word searches, reading, and writing.

Why comic book collecting as a hobby?

It is very satisfying: Acquiring comic book will only cost you a few bucks. The act of attaining a comic book in a short period of time and with a nice result brings satisfaction and a feeling of success.

How to do the comic book collecting as a hobby:

Well, this one is really simple and easy! All that you need to do is that collect the comic materials from friends, or ask the newspaper guy to drop you some comics, you can even ask from the colleagues or the fellows, maybe your cousins to give you or sell you the comic that they have already read, as this is your passion.

Why is comic book collecting as a hobby a good thing?

Disconnect from the technology: Unless you collect the comic book while being able to follow a series on television, collecting comic books allows you to turn off electronic devices even for 10 minutes. We live in such a connected society all the time that a short break can make a big difference.


If you repeat this disconnection habitually, it will be more and more natural for you not to live pending the mobile or the laptop, even when you are not reading or seeing the comic books.

Collectors take this activity very seriously, as they look for comics with patience and care, to find the most valuable ones. The most experienced, analyze all players, for several seasons, to make predictions about the comics that will be worth more in the future. What kind of hobbies do you like to practice?


Do you think they have improved your quality of life, your tranquility, your inner peace and your health? Tell us, we are looking for some suggestions plus ideas.


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