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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Cosplaying as a Hobby

There are many kinds of hobbies: they can be artistic, sports or even scientific, there are also outdoors, to perform as a team or in solitude. Some even, besides entertaining, can do the favor in having a mind and body agile and active.

Why it is so beneficial to have a hobby:

• A hobby can favor and expand our innate talents, in addition to helping us to develop new abilities.

• It helps us to disconnect from the daily routine and the stress that we may be suffering from.

• They can also help us fight depressive and anxious symptoms.

• They can contribute to the prevention of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

• Strengthen our self-discipline and our creativity.

• They help us maintain a healthy mental balance and healthy self-esteem.

• They can also have a positive impact on our physical health.

• They can contribute to improving our social life and our quality of life.

Cosplaying as a hobby:

The phenomenon of cosplay was born in Eastern lands around 1970. What began as a hobby has become a peculiar lifestyle, where the heroes and heroines of the comic, video game and anime constitute a second skin for the cosplayer.


To all those who do cosplay: has not it happened to them that someone tells them that what they do "is a waste of time and/or money"? To me, yes, and do not know how many times.


We know that there are some parts of the world (very few, by the way) where cosplay and going out in disguise is something totally normal, but in most other places they see you as weird or ugly, they criticize you and/or make fun of you, and where we live is not the exception.


Why choose cosplaying as a hobby?

•​ You learn new things:

When you dedicate yourself to cosplay on a regular basis and take it seriously (as in my case), you learn to do things that you may have never imagined you could do; how to learn to sew, work with wood, metal or even leather, stylize wigs, make up, pose for cameras, take and edit photographs, etc.

• You make friends:

The conventions are the ideal place to meet people with your same tastes and interests, and the cosplay is a good tool to do it (in most cases), people will approach you to ask about your suit and thus can start a conversation. There are also many cosplay web communities in which you can integrate, they even help each other and give advice to each other, this is ideal for when you do not know where to start or if you get stuck with something of your cosplay.

• How to practice cosplaying as a hobby:

For cosplaying you can get inspired by the characters and make use of the suits that are available. For a much cheaper thing, you can make the characters clothing from the leftover clothes or the old ones.


You have to buy wigs (there are people who do without this), fabrics, shoes, sometimes contact lenses, various materials (they can be very cheap or expensive), depending on the suit.



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