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Deltiology as a Hobby

In the past, people loved collecting postcards and stamps. It is because they were used for sending letters. Are postcards and stamps relevant today?


Deltiology as a hobby may not be very popular today. There are many reasons to practice deltiology as your hobby, one of the main reasons is that it is less expensive than many other related hobbies. It’s also available in thousands of different subjects. 


You could select your own favorite theme to collect like the nation or country theme, building themes, and more.

Deltiology as a hobby also helps the collectors to exchange theirs with others from different parts of the world. To exchange it, you could write the message on the postcard and keep it after which it becomes a collection for someone you exchange with.


It is good to exchange something more than just an email. It helps you to have many friends around the world.


How to collect it?

The first and the most important aspect is for you to know how to preserve your cards from any damage. Avoid to use the cheap sleeves and do not expose your collection to sunlight. If it is difficult to find a postcard, you can search it online.


How about the stamp on it?

You do not need to move it from the postcard. It is good to collect the postcard with the stamp on it.


What is the source of happiness while pursuing this hobby?

Maybe you do not find them appealing when you collect them, but when you see the colorful postcard in your cabinet or special book with its special message will make you realize that each of the postcards is special because it contains a special message.


Deltiology as a hobby might already have evolved into another modern hobby, but you still need the postcard to send a message to someone in a village or in the primitive country. To help you access the collections of postcards, you could find it online. You can as well buy new collections online.


In this modern era, everything can be done online. However, you do not need to worry to have the less benefit from this hobby because you still can use the postcard for anything in your life although it becomes a classic hobby today. 

Deltiology can be practiced by people of all ages. Everyone can be a deltiologist. You do not need to worry about finding the recent postcard.


Whenever you visit any country, they must have their special postcards package. You also can use the postcard for the souvenir or handkerchief for everyone you loved. Make a digital postcard if possible although it seems less meaningful.


What more do you need to know about deltiology?

Check your friend's name who becomes a deltiologist! To help you get the whole collections, you can try to join the deltiology's community around the world.


Be the one of the community and get the collection you miss! Well, postcards are available in million themes in this world. You will not be bored collecting them!




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