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Disc golf hobby

Disc Golf - Learning to Disc Golf - An Amazing Hobby

I am going to tell you about the fundamentals of disc golf. The game of disc golf involves taking your disc (or Frisbee) and attempting to throw it into a basket in 3 throws or less.


If you are knowledgeable about regular ball golf clubs and what a par 3 is, then Frisbee golf is exactly like that. Most classes are 9 or 18 holes, and they are usually all par 3.


There's a tee pad that's typically a concrete slab or flat soil area for the player to throw their first shot or drive. From there the player progresses to the first shot and throws towards the basket again from behind their disc, this shot is called a mid-range depending on how close you are.


At this point hopefully, you are putting which means you are about 30 feet or closer and are utilizing putter. Throw the putter in the hole, and you just got yourself a par.

If you make your disc in the basket in three shots, it was a par and counted as a 0 to your total score the same as in traditional golf. A birdie would be two shots - 1 and a bogey will be four shots, so 1 and the fewer shots are, the better. The only difference between disc golf and traditional golf is the disc; everything else is the same.

When it comes to deciding on discs, start off by picking up a driver and a putter. A driver is an extremely hard plastic for your long distance throws.


The putter is usually soft and will fly very straight for short distances. Eventually you will want to incorporate discs for different angles of shots and distances, but in the beginning, you just need a couple of training. You may see some serious golfers out there that have bags complete with 10 or 20 disks it's crazy.

If you choose to take up Frisbee golf, there are many courses all over the nation. I live in Oregon where there are some great classes, but if I ever travel, I just hop on the net and go to the site.


Just google disc golf course directory, and it'll be the first issue to come up. Then type in your zip, and it'll show you all of the disc golf courses in your area. There will also be a page for the course that you need to test out that should provide you with some information regarding the program.


If it's your first time be sure, there are signs so that you do not get confused and you might want to try out a course that's super long. Well thank you for reading I hope you take up disc golf as a new hobby. The best way to learn disc golf is to get out there, meet some fellow golfers and practice. Best of Luck! 


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