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DJ Playing Disco House

How To Become A DJ as a Hobby



Still wondering why you should become a DJ?

From the girl who can't keep away from the audio in her friend's party to the cocktail bar DJ through to Carl Cox and Deep Dish; any music fan who feels the need to spread the music fire is essentially a disc-jockey in one form or another.

If this sounds like you, then you can become a DJ too. If you love music, you feel like you wish to make people happy and have an inbuilt radar for understanding what tunes make people smile and why, and you can make them love themselves then you can become a DJ.


Even if your mixing and technical skills are not as complex as other DJs, you can still be successful.


Do you have the fire?

You have to love music, love sharing it and understand why folks enjoy it. This passion will transmit itself into people's nights out. They'll feel your vibe and enthusiast you'll be responsible for transforming people's evenings and therefore their lives.


There is a feeling of gratification when people dance, love the songs you play and allow you to know about it. You'll see why if you try it.


What do I get if I become a DJ?

If you're the sort of person that gets a buzz out of making other people feel good, then it's a great start because that's what many DJs are like also. First of all, you are going to make people feel good. There's no price on contributing to others' happiness.

You might just lift the spirits of that cute girl who has just been dumped by her loser boyfriend or a song you play that night may find a couple together, who might then reminisce fondly about how it occurred years later. Try it and see how you will feel. It's the (second) best natural high.

The song 'Last Night a DJ Saved My Life' by Tndeep was composed for the best of reasons and inspired by night out when a DJ injected life and energy into an otherwise dull evening.


A cool hobby at weekends?

Next Up, you will benefit from having an interesting hobby, one which you're paid to do. People dream of getting paid to perform their hobby for a living.


DJing for a night out can be more enjoyable than a night out with your friends, plus you get paid in money and drink, rather than paying for your drinks and club entry fees.

You'll feel more confident have this trendy new choice moonlighting activity. Yes, and you'll cruise past that doorman who was able to force you to wait outside to get in with a smug look on your face.


Club DJing

Maybe you See yourself as a future club DJ, getting paid handsomely to fill dance floors in your favorite genre of house, electro, hip hop and so forth.


Perhaps you are happy earning some pocket—money on weekends and having the local DJ status which gets you favorable respect while you keep your day job. Maybe you just want to share some musical love.


I want to become a DJ, but what if I fail?

You do not have to give up your day job which pays your loans and bills and rent to become a DJ.

You can play in the evenings and at weekends. When you begin DJing, generally, the cover will not be very good anyway, you will have to take what you get.



Where do you begin?

To start with, you can be a bar DJ who does occasional celebrations and small dance floor gigs. Your friends think you are cool as do any new boys or girls you meet who suddenly perk up when they hear you DJ on weekends. You still have your day job though.


Where you go from right now is determined by quite simply what you would like to do with your life. Whatever it may be, the best Advice you can get is that you follow your dream or at least have a crack at it.


The last thing you want is to arrive in 50 years old regretting the fact that you never gave your dream career a try. 


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