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Experience an Awesome Adventure with Equestrianism as a Hobby

Horse riding is a sport that Equestrians enjoy at their leisure or past time. However much you get to hear about Equestrianism and the great adventure associated with the activity, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A rider has to obtain lessons in this to take it up as a hobby.


A professional horse rider can assist beginners to learn how to mount the horse’s back, walk, ride, and some simple trots too.

So, whether you’ve just begun to learn horse riding or are already a seasoned rider, there are tips that you must keep in mind as the prime condition is your safety.


It is not uncommon to hear Equestrians getting injured due to accidents, but these good-to-know safety considerations will make your time with the horse much happier.


Match up

For a horse outing, make sure you are comfortable with the horse and vice versa. Make sure the experience level of the rider should be appropriate to the temperament of the trained horse.


The pairing between you and your horse should be good, otherwise, it heightens the possibility of an accident.

To be able to enjoy your hobby of horse riding, you need to be horse savvy. The way you use your voice, hands, and legs all determine how well you can align these actions with the gait of the horse.


The horse understands your command and you will get to know by the expression and responsiveness of the animal. 


Be geared properly

Plan your ride to be safe. Always be in proper attire suitable for Equestrianism. Make sure you wear boots with heels and a well-fitted helmet.


Never disregard the importance of a helmet that fits well as it is one of the most important gears of a horse rider. The tack should also be in good condition – no frayed stitches and cracked leather. The properly sized tack is always important both for the horse and the rider.

Refrain from going out alone in the woods when Equestrianism is your hobby. You should have all the key skills to manage a horse should the animal be subjected to an uncontrolled environment.


On uneven grounds, it is always possible that your horse may overstep and trip over. So, take good care not to let such things happen unexpectedly. If you’re traveling with your horse, which is a great way to visit countrysides – always plan your journey before setting out. Know what terrains you may possibly hit and be equipped accordingly.


Always keep safety first

Never compromise on safety with Equestrianism. When riding in an arena, make sure you let other riders know of your plans. Always keep safety margins between the horses.

Give space for fellow horse riders to take their path. When on a trail, do keep distances in between two horses so that it doesn’t feel crowded. Choose activities that are suitable for your current skill level only.

Have a safe and happy experience with Equestrianism. These tips are good to establish a relationship between you and your horse. With a good bonding, the chances of accidents and injuries are greatly reduced. Also, your hobby as an Equestrian should always be a safe and happy one. So, always take care of that and keep developing your skills in horse riding!


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