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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Fashion Models

Fashion as a Hobby


Fashion is the value, image or style that appears most frequently in a sample or group.

The fashion industry is dedicated to the creation and sale of garments that will be imposed as a reference in the summer season following the launch, such as winter fashion. In this context, fashion is synonymous with style or trend.

Fashion clothing refers to the style that will be sold more in stores and, therefore, will be seen more frequently in the streets. The guidelines are defined by fashion magazines and established fashion firms.

Fashion in a broader sense is used to define an aesthetic typology such as vintage fashion, inspired by garments created before the '50s, or hipster fashion, a style that mixes the old with the new.

If you are passionate about fashion, you probably want to include some hobby related to the subject, and there is a lot to do.

Read books and fashion magazines

If you like fashion and want to make it your hobby, it is important to be informed of what is happening, magazines are a good tool for this (just like blogs or sites like Fashionista or Business of Fashion), but if you want more detailed information, discover biographies or learn from the industry books Read books and fashion magazines.

Have a fashion blog

There is nothing good as having a blog, sharing your tastes, your dreams, your life with others and receiving feedback from people who inspire you, who you get to admire, but above all the best part is to have space where you can talk about your favorite topic.

Keep a fashion diary

Maybe it might sound like having a blog but in this case I mean keep a record of what you use, at some point in my life I began to take a picture of what I put on a daily basis with the aim of motivating me to use all my closet, I had noticed that many clothes never used them and I was a waste. I do not do it anymore but instagram came to replace this habit, my profile does not turn 100% around fashion but there are girls who do and it's fun to follow them.

Make moodboards

The moodboards are collages of inspiration, you can do it on a trend or what you like to use, usually help you to inspire you to create, design or assemble outfits, there are those who make physical beating and cutting elements, but since the invention of Pinterest I have preferred to make digital albums.

Attend bazaars and pop-up stores

Find out about the fashion events that take place in your city, such as bazaars and pop-up shops , which are those that are put on the street, cafes or other places from time to time, a practice that they usually use more than anything else. You can meet people who have similar tastes to yours and, in the process, support local talent, good for you!

Create garments in Polyvore is an online platform (also has mobile application) where you can select from among thousands of products that you like to create outfits or even locate where they sell the garments that caught your attention. I like to use it to illustrate some fashion tips, but I also enjoy "playing" for a while trying out combinations, it serves as inspiration.

Travel in coolhunting mode

If you have the opportunity to afford to travel, take advantage and take your most tourist side to find the coolest places, specialty stores, brands you did not know or super chic restaurants which relate to fashion.

Nail's decoration

Although I do not feel that I have any talent for decorating nails, it is a hobby that relaxes me a lot, I like to take my time, put a movie in the background and watch it while doing my manicure at home. In your kit, you should not miss: cuticle remover, cuticle clippers, hand scrub and moisturizing cream.


The hobby par excellence is to go shopping, there are those who boast that it is "your cardio", personally I think that going shopping is a very nice hobby when you are accompanied by a friend, and when you are in total control of your financial possibilities, you have to know as far as you can, adopt Vivienne Westwood's rule : "Buy less, choose well" (meaning "Buy less, choose well").

Become the personal stylist of your friends

This hobby you can combine with the shopping, make use of all those tips and tricks of personal style that you have learned thanks to your passion for the theme of fashion, helping your friends to discover what most favours them according to their figure, style or help them know what to wear for a special occasion.


1- There are 4 "fashion capitals": New York, London, Milan, Paris, called "Big Four". Each city hosts four fashion weeks each year: two dedicated to women's collections and two to men's collections.

2- Fashion weeks never overlap. To open the season of the fashion shows New York always leads, followed by London, Milan and Paris.

3- Men's fashion weeks take place in January and June, women's fashion week in February and September.

4- During the January and February shows the collections of the following autumn/winter are presented, while the catwalks of June and September are dedicated to the following spring/summer collections.

5- In order to attend the fashion week fashion shows, it is necessary to have an invitation. The public is made up of industry professionals: buyers (buyers), fashion experts, journalists.

6- In the language of fashion there are two keywords: haute couture and prêt à porter. What do these two terms mean? Haute couture is haute couture: luxury items that are really unique pieces, intended for a small clientele. Prêt à porter means instead "ready to wear". This expression refers to collections that follow the rules of mass production: the garments are not made to measure but made in large quantities.


The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With fashion 

There are many fashion hobbyists that started their passion for clothing, hairstyle, makeup - and everything related from being a complete newbie in it. There are many that have developed a deep sense of style from never actually paying too much attention to what they wore, but always enjoyed looking into fashion magazines and online blogs. If you're one looking to improve your style and develop your fashion hobby, then please read on.

Starting your fashion hobby can be exciting and overwhelming. The fashion world can seem like a huge strange place with complex rules (many of them unspoken) and perhaps many options that can make it feel complex. But, relax - there's no need to worry. If you find that everyone around you already instinctually understands fashion; how to put outfits together as well as locate the best deals for clothes they like, it's not something they were born with. Just like any other skill, your fashion hobby takes a little practice and it can be learnt.

So, if you're a beginner and it seems everyone around you has a naturally keen eye for fashion, but in reality they may have been practicing it longer than you have. Many people start pretty early on paying specific attention to what they wear and care a lot about their clothes. But, if you've never had an experience in style sense - you might just have to catch up! Well, here are some good ways in which you can get started with your beginner fashion hobby with access to many great resources that will help you do just that.

At this stage, however, your goals should be to observe and understand the various aspects of an outfit, the way these can be all combined together. Also, the focus should be to get a feel of the things you're personally drawn too. Hence, do not worry much about defining your style and making your wardrobe work hard at it. Even before you start revamping your wardrobe totally, wait till you feel confident about making outfits work together and being aware of what things you like and why. For now, ideally these should be your goals:

1. Observe other people's styles 

Even high-end fashion blogs that inspire many people each day by training their eye on this. They too regularly feature how other people are doing it! Going through these free resources will also give you an understanding of how they are mixing their attire, bringing colors together to work with each other, the shoes they pair with their clothing, how they accessorize and so on.

If you like fashion, you may have come across the Hello Fashion Blog (, which is an out-and-out amazing place for beginners to start. From beauty to fashion, life, and travel - the popular fashion blog sheds light on dressing well and teaming like a pro. You may recognize Christine Andrew from the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed list who features her hugely popular Who What Wear. 

Also, self-titled blog ( ) is a great placed to acquire an impeccable sartorial sense of fashion that will help you understand more about being adventurous about your fashion hobby.

Simple observe your everyday crowd around and get yourself exposed to a broader sense of style. Be as precise as possible. If you like an outfit, then try to figure out what exactly makes it look so great. Train your eye that way by observing others. Just ask those whose style is something you really love. Chances are they might be practicing their fashion hobby for years and you can then decide to upgrade your wardrobe or wear your existing pieces in a new way like Double3xposure ( ) where 21-year old blogger Reese Blutstein will inspire you with her minimalist, vintage-styles pieces in unexpected ways in a budget-savvy way.

2. Imitate styles you like 

For a complete beginner with fashion hobby, imitating others can be super helpful. It's a great technique that will give you a creative starting point. Pick up an outfit and try to copy it. See what works for you, then rinse-repeat. Replicate outfits that catch your eye as closely as possible. You can also visit a store to try it.

Getting inspired by imitation helps you in two possible ways. One, by trying to copy an outfit to perfection, you start paying attention to detailing. Two, you get to hone your individual likes and you may even discover a new look that you'd want to go ahead with. Tweak aspects of the look that you could bring together with your wardrobe.

For inspiration, visit Atlantic Pacific ( ) to learn how to take your fashion hobby to a different level altogether. Or, get your fill of fashion, style, and haircuts at Style Me Graise ( ) to get inspired about closet and vibrant styles.

3. Never settle in your comfort zone 

Define your own personal style by choosing to build your wardrobe around it. Although, it may seem daunting when starting with a fashion hobby, yet the only way you get to develop your idea of being fashionable is by exposing yourself to experimenting. Everyone you see with a great style sense has gone through this phase of experimentation, literally sharing wardrobe disaster stories. As a newbie in fashion, you can do your best to speed up the learning process, but you have to go through it.

The bottom line is to have fun, but be effective. Seek new styles actively. Choose silhouettes and colors completely different than your comfort zone. A good way to try defining your fashion skills is to walk into a store you've never visited and find out a complete outfit you would want to wear. Just build an outfit around it. In that way, you can break out of your usual style and get inspired again.

Plus size blogger's Girl With Curves ( ) serves up outfit inspiration and style by moving out of the comfort area with fashion. Try the minimalist black-white-grey look inspired by Harper & Harley to get that absolutely curated fresh look. 

4. Start with pieces you've most worn 

You think your wardrobe is stale? Think again. There may be few pieces you can use as a starting point. Again, be very specific to understand exactly what you like about a piece you want to keep. Once that is done, you will have a detailed list that you can use as a guide while shopping.

Another good idea is to research and see how others are styling your most worn clothing. The Daileigh ( ) is much more than a fashion blog. You can even get access to a host of online courses to curate the perfect look.

Also, some great mentions to up your fashion feed is Hot Dress Hot Mess ( ), EJ Style ( ), Song of Style ( ), and Sincerely Jules ( ).

Get more inspiration here: Look ( ), Who What Wear ( ). 


Fashion Is a very fun thing to do, picking it as a hobby will surely be worth it. 




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