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Foraging hobby

Foraging as a Hobby


It is early Saturday morning. You've gone through the daily ritual of green tea and meditation and the day is full of promise. You've got your favorite straw hat and comfortable shoes. You hop into your eco-friendly car and drive through the local artsy historic district looking out for handmade brightly colored signs with "lawn" and "garage sale" painted on them. You've got a plan and know what you are looking for, but most importantly you know that somebody out there is getting rid of something that you must have. If you are patient enough, the world will always arrange for you to cross paths with it. That's the reason using the recycle, resell, and reuse doctrine is back and why foraging is a lost past time. Pack a basket of freshly made lemonade and snacks to keep up your energy and receive bargain hunting.

The reusing and recycling of items found in garage, yard, and antique sales is a fantastic way to begin protecting the planet. Beautiful items can be stored anywhere if you look hard enough. By way of example, going to yard sales in historic areas can result in vintage finds. Habitat for Humanity has to restore shops emerging with brilliant re-salvaged reusable items which can give your home character and charm. Some of those items include furniture, lighting (all without packaging), as well as antiques. All of which contributes to more home projects for the organization. Look online to discover a restore shop near you. The French chairs seen in the Fort Lauderdale store would have been any designers dream.

So you prefer to weekend forage, but many people are finding the weekend jaunts become a lifestyle. Tips for using the reuse doctrine during the week are easy and endless. Pass on magazines you have read to doctor's offices or cut out pictures for vision boards and school projects. Getting new silverware? Take your old set to work so people can reuse rather than eat off plastic. Better yet, carry a set on your purse to avoid overuse of plastic cutlery in fast food. Take last season's clothes to the Good Will and while you are at it, see if the community Good Will has a classic or boutique shop. Instant guilt free gratification. The Good Will in Palm Beach is more of a designer store. Regularly scan Craig's List, Ebay, and visit your favorite bookstore for purchases on your wish list.

These tips that will help you find your desires will help you hit the road and begin your foraging with clarity. Keep a journal of things you are in the search for. This may include books on your reading list and needs for the home. Put on your poker face and see what price fairly scores you your product. Ask for the price you are willing to pay. Negotiate. The four wicker chairs that no longer function in a newly renovated art deco home are perfect for twenty-five dollars on your Key West style beach home. The best tip of all knows what you are looking for, wait patiently, and when you come across the thing give thanks that the world sent it your way. You've earned it. Now the best part is finding that perfect location in your home for it knowing the price was right, and you made a creative choice to promote reuse. 




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