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Learn a New Language as a Hobby




The way to Learn a New Foreign Language 

Learning a foreign language can be extremely hard, but it can also be fun. The main thing you need to do is to find your pursuits that are linked to language learning topic. You may use the hard way, study grammar, travel to a foreign country, spend a lot of money, or you can just use your daily activities to learn a language. So which way is the best for you? You should think about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time? Do those hobbies also involve learning foreign languages?

The First Steps to Make Language Learning Interesting

I have a good deal of suggestions on how you can use your free time to learn languages. Are you a movie fan? If you are, just think of leasing foreign language movies with subtitles. Although at first, you may find it difficult to watch a movie that's not in English, later you may get used to it. Just listen to the conversation, try to grab new words and remember the pronunciation. Take your time to watch the scenes over and over again. write the dialogs on paper then attempt to pronounce them yourself. You may compare your pronunciation with actor's pronunciation, correct your errors, make an effort. There are lots of foreign movies you may select, but I suggest you try first with the simplest movies. I mean the movies for kids or cartoons. Yes, I think cartoons are the most appropriate for your start. Cartoons are created for children, language isn't too difficult, so it's a fantastic start. As you progress on your way, you can consider watching more serious movies. But the principles are always the same, you begin with most commonly used words, and then you proceed to a next step, and include complex words. Here is the best way to achieve a fantastic outcome. You will see that this type of language learning can be fun and interesting. Your vocabulary will improve from day to day; you will see your progress.

Arts and Music Can Help You to Learn a Language

Are you a music lover? If you just get the foreign song's records. First, you just hear a song; it could be difficult for you to comprehend the significance of the words. Then you write down the lyrics, if you have an English translation software, it can help you. Listen to a song over and over again, then try to remember it by heart. Then you try to sing.
Maybe you will find it difficult to sing because you don't know the words, but after some practice, you will have the ability to pronounce words correctly and also learn the meaning of the words. You should sing with friends and family, go to karaoke, practice together.

Do you like art and painting? Have you ever considered learning exotic languages like Chinese? Chinese calligraphy is an art of writing Chinese characters. You ought to take a brush and paint personalities. Every character has its beauty. You can decorate your home, put paintings with Chinese characters in various places. It will give your home a touch of the Orient, make your home a pleasant place. You may find learning calligraphy fun, but it's just a step towards learning Chinese characters and Chinese language. This is a fantastic way to connect arts and language learning.

Working in International Organizations

Do you like to work with international students and charity organizations? These sort of associations can help you contact with foreigners, give you an opportunity to improve your language skills. You can do a language exchange; you can help each other. Just go to the nearest international organization and speak with foreigners. At first, it might be hard, but later as you improve your language skills you will find it interesting.

Just Do It

So now it's up to you. If you want to improve your speech skill, just do it. Don't hesitate, just find the best way, take your time. When you have any suggestions or queries, I would be delighted to help. You should just make your learning fun, and it is possible to achieve the best results. Thank you for your time. Wish you success. And I hope learning a New Foreign Language will become your new hobby.

The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With foreign language learning 

Free foreign language learning resources are already helping many people learn their desired language in a more cost-effective manner. However, it wasn’t like this forever, which is why many would state pricey language classes for being a hurdle in their foreign language learning hobby. The truth is that today with so many smartphone apps and even social media playing such an active role in bringing ideas closer to us in most languages spoken all over the world. This essentially means that language learning no longer has to come with a hefty price tag.

In fact, now the most challenging task is to sort through the surge of learning sources that is available to each one of us. Help regarding understanding the vocabulary, pronunciation, and tutorials for learning the foreign language you love is out there. The best part is that you don’t need to pay a dime for it!

All you need to do is to search for the best resources to help with your foreign language learning hobby or you could go through the top places to visit online to build not just your expertise, but your confidence too when choosing to learn a foreign language at home!

Almost too good to be true top foreign language learning websites 

Here we have a number of foreign language learning sources that cut the tuition fees! Also, you don’t need to travel to the foreign language learning school, yet get the same structure of traditional classroom learning by checking out these incredible online language learning courses available in most languages.


Open Culture 

To realize your foreign language learning hobby come true without costing a bit, you should have an eye on both the cultural and educational media for the specific language. The e-learning website offers free courses to learners in as many as 48 languages! The complete arsenal of foreign language learning support is collected from governmental, universities, and private institutes across the world. It’s like a Pandora’s Box where you can find these high-quality, free lessons in 48 languages. 

With links to over 1400 resources, offers extensive ease of access to help you learn your desired language. Choose from 19 languages where you are free to learn verb conjugation, punctuation, sentence construction, and overall foreign language vocabulary from the exclusive web-based course.

Internet Polyglot 

One extra feature of the equally incredible foreign language learning source as above is the “quick start menu” to choose what language to learn the foreign language properly. For instance, you speak Italian but want to learn Spanish. The comprehensive website allows you to learn a foreign language in the vocabulary of the language known to you to strengthen your expertise with the desired language you want to learn.

Live Lingua 

Get access to a large collection of free foreign language materials that only very few of the websites can match. If you’re looking to develop your foreign language learning hobby, you can source over thousands of exclusive tutorials, ebooks, and audio recordings available in whopping 130 different languages.


Video-based tutorials


For learners that prefer to use the video learning platform to stream content and learn from them will find the website really useful. Free live streaming tutorials offer foreign language lessons of over 100 countries. Similar to the YouTube tutorials, get learning materials in your language. Stream videos of hard-to-find foreign languages here with high-quality input fed to you in real-time.


Grab your 15-day free learning library with a great collection of language tutorials from native speakers with a sheer range of the best in class quality video content. FluentU directs you to learn the foreign language of your desire with authentic video content and the feature rich built-in learning tools to ensure that your language learning is better just like the native speakers!

Learn to your heart’s content during the 14-day free trial and then upgrade your plan to pay less monthly subscription to get access to unlimited content. Using this, you will be paying just a very small fraction of the amount which would be even ten times over for classroom learning.

The interactive captions allow you to obtain the details of the content such as the image, audio, definition. Learn at your own pace with excellent video tutorials thus giving you a completely personalized experience.

There is a lot of scope to build your foreign language learning hobby as YouTube has an insane amount of videos that supports streaming and great quality videos. Get most of the widely spoken language based tutorials and the other not so used languages to learn accordingly. This one is particularly popular for learning Indian languages and other widely spoken languages from around the world. You can download these video tutorials and save it for later viewing. 




It is possibly one of the biggest online learning websites that partners a number of top universities worldwide to deliver course content created by actual tutors. Consider taking a dedicated language learning class and indulge into advanced learning classes for the language of your choice.

You can actually earn college credits when you join EdX, through Arizona State University. There are certificates for some courses that can be obtained on successful completion of the language learning. Usually, you need to pay to get a verified certificate in your chosen language learning course. However, most of the foreign language learning courses listed on the platform are for free. 

This is a popular website that features courses prepared by top university professors for which you can also obtain a certificate of completion. Most of the foreign language learning courses are geared towards those just starting to learn the language.

To build your foreign language learning hobby, Coursera offers a number of classes that is accredited by the best educational institutes. Hence, you can rely on the teaching quality that can be availed from this source.

Hence, money is never an object when it comes to pursuing your foreign language learning hobby. Have you chosen the language you wish to learn yet? 




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