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Ghost hunting as a Hobby


There are simply many possibilities that can be done in your free time. But it is not free time for some that are free time for others. Athletes often spend their free time resting on the sofa and for other people to play sports is something they like to do in their free time. It depends a lot on the type of work and the tasks that one has to do because when we have to do something, it is often automatically changed in a job. Leisure is a form of free time. The difference is that leisure is the free time that people spend doing some activity in some creative way, which develops their abilities, while free time, in general, is the time when we do not have to work, sleep, or eat.

When we talk about leisure, we should not mistake it with idleness, because it means something like laziness - when one does not do anything in free time. For example, he watches TV without being interested in any specific chain and passes the chains watching nothing. One of the most haunting yet most liked is the ghost hunting as a hobby. If we have learned something thanks to TV, it is that there are many more people than we imagined that he likes to devote his time to hunting ghosts. However, in the programs, we see people who use extra complicated equipment, which seems impossible to dedicate ourselves to.

However, if you really want to undertake this adventure, what you need to do your basic kit is not hard to get and almost everything you can buy thanks to your cell phone (if it's a smartphone), without big costs. The first thing, which is completely free, but sometimes difficult to get is a partner. You need to accompany someone who takes care of your back but also helps you analyze the evidence you collect. Also, and it must be said, it serves as an aid for courage, and for objectivity at the time of analysis.


How to do ghost hunting as a hobby?

When you go to investigate a place, you must first put together a plan where you have to detail your procedure. Previously, do not forget to investigate the place historically, "lifting" and collect as much information as possible. Then you must trace the objectives that you hope to achieve with your research. If it is possible before going to the place, direct to the hunt, it is good that you do a previous reconnaissance (by day) of the land: see where the entrances and exits are, if there is any danger that you suffer an accident and above all, prepare a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. The most important thing is that you do not expose yourself to risk.

A digital voice recorder is best for ghost hunting hobby among other tools, it is perhaps the most important since it does not have mechanical parts that make additional noise, such as a cassette recorder. The collection of paranormal evidence seems to occur randomly, but when a voice recorder is used, seems to be the easiest to achieve. 


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