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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Race Hurdles.jpg

Race hurdles


Racing games.jpg

Racing games





Radio Orienteering.jpg

Radio orienteering


Radiocontrolled model racing.jpg

Radiocontrolled model racing





Rag doll making.jpg

Rag doll making

Ragdoll is a very old and special type of doll that has retained its popularity even today due to its uniqueness. People who like to play with dolls or children who like to spend time with dolls must choose this special companion. If you like making this rag doll and are creative, you can choose it as a hobby. Through this, you can make the desired dolls. For the first time, the following things are needed to make a rag doll: fabric, stuffing, a pattern or design to follow, embroidery floss, buttons, ribbon, lace, and a hot glue gun. So making a rag doll can become one of your favourite hobbies.


Ragtime music


Rail transport modeling.jpg

Rail transport modeling


Raising animal.jpg

Raising animals


Rally racing.jpg

Rally racing


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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