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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Do you like metal objects, if yes then why not started blacksmith as your hobby?
Blacksmith is an interesting hobby where people create objects from iron and have a
very interesting history. During the object creation time, you will be using hammers and
other materials to shape your object as you want. The blacksmith can be a very interesting hobby and a better way of spending your free time but apart from the hobby, you can create a craft business out of it. Unlike plastic and papercrafts, iron made crafts are very strong and have a long life and people also pay very well for metallic crafts.

Bleach shirt.jpg

Bleach shirt

Everyone wants to have a fashionable and good-looking T-shirt. You can turn your ordinary and boring shirt into a fashion masterpiece by using bleach, even in your home. You can make different casual designs on your T-shirt by using bleach. The only thing you need is a little amount of bleach, water, and basket. Irregular and casual fashion is trendy nowadays. You can turn all of your T-shirts into glorious casual fashion masterpieces. 

Blindfold game.jpg

Blindfold game

Blindfold game is just a tremendous source of fun and pleasure. You can play blindfold games with your friends. In this game, one of your friends tie a cloth on his eyes and try to seek other friends. Trust us; you are going to enjoy it. Besides a game, a blindfold game is the most prominent source of enhancing your perception skills. You can play it anywhere in your home or on your lawn. It is the best game for passing your free time.

Blockchains & Crypto-Currencies.jpg

Blockchains & crypto-currencies

If you are the kind of person who wants to trade money to make a lot of money or if you love online businesses and online investing, then boy you cannot find any other hobby as Blockchains & Crypto-Currencies. Blockchains are platforms that allow you to trade money or other materials (physical or digital both) for crypto-currencies. And you can sell those crypto-currencies when you found a better price for your currencies. Like companies shares, crypto-currencies can make you money from your investment, but unlike shares, crypto-currencies can make you a lot richer if you play well.

Blokus game.jpg

Blokus game

Blokus game is a type of strategy game and basically, it's a board game. Like chess and
other strategy games, Blokus has it's own reputation in history. And you can play this
game with your family and friends in your free time. In a recent study, researchers found that playing strategic games can help kids and even adults to grow their IQs and make their brains healthy and stronger. If you love indoor games plus strategic games then you have to add Blokus in your playing list.

Bluegrass .jpg

Bluegrass music

Bluegrass is an American music genre that was developed in 1940 and the name
Bluegrass was discovered in the 1950s. Bluegrass is band music. This means you will
need a team and a director to play this genre band music. But from the past 100 years, the attention for band based music is growing because people are participating more and more in team-based hobbies. It can be a perfect fit if you love musically hobbies.

Blues music.jpg

Blues music

Blues is also another form of the musical genre first founded in the 1870s in the south of
America. It's very famous around the emotional musical genre. Blue musicians play two to three chords at the same time in a lower pitch which creates a darker, sadder, or more mysterious sound. For music lovers, this genre of music is very stress-releasing and hopeful. For true music listeners, this is the best hobby.



BMX is a type of bicycle that stands for bicycle motocross or bike motocross. BMX is a bike sport which can be enjoyed in BMX bikes, Just like off-road motorbikes. BMX biking is like riding mountains and other highest places and enjoying the bicycling experience. It can be the best hobby, a perfect sport, and a healthy game but unfortunately, many people got accidents in this sport but still, there is a large number of people who still love going for BMX.

Board games.jpg

Board gaming

Board games are famous and are being played for several of years. In fact, as it is being played for many years it not just contains 4 or 5 types of games. There are around 78 board games that are very famous around the globe and almost every 1 out of 5 people has played some of these games. You can create a long list of board games but most popular board games in history are chess, Trivial Pursuit, monopoly, checkers, and ludo. You can start any of these games and it's the best way of time spending.



Boating is not racing on boats it's very peaceful, boating is traveling in oceans and in lakes using a personal boat. Maybe you have enjoyed as a guest in someone else's boat or you have seen a scene from a YouTube video where people are enjoying there best moments in their boats recording their journey. How about having your own boat and enjoy every moment of your journey. Unlike any sports hobby, in boating, you are just enjoying and relaxing your mind, not competing with others, and trying to win. If you love traveling and enjoying your life then you have to give a chance to this hobby.



Have you ever heard of the capture-the-flag game, bo-Taushi is very similar to that. The game Bo-Taushi belongs to japan where Japanese schools and colleges play this in sports events. This game is just awesome and played between two teams each team has 150 players. Every team separates his players into two sections 75 players in the defender's section and the other 75 players in the attacker's section, and the target is to defend their pole and take down your opponent's pole first. This game has become so popular and it's now listed in martial arts and even in military training in Japan.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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