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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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chocolate taste.jpg

Chocolate tasting 




Choral is defined as music which is written for and sung by a choir. Each part of choral music is sung by two or more voices. Since the size of a choir can differ, the structure of a choral composition also will differ. Choral music, mostly liturgical, remained the primary focus of composers through the new beginning. It is important because it is working together to make a beautiful sound. Most choirs are lead by a conductor, who leads the performances with arm and face gestures.

christian gospel.jpg

Christian gospel


cicada 3301.jpg

Cicada 3301 (cracking the code)

The Cicada 3301draws its inspiration from the loud and ominous noise the Vietnamese Cicada makes in the jungle. It name is also greatly enthused by the enigmatic organization that on three occasions has posted a set of complex puzzles to recruit "highly intelligent individuals" from the public. The ultimate outcome of all three rounds of Cicada 3301 recruiting is still a mystery.

cigar collecting.jpg

Cigar collecting




The cimbasso is a brass instrument in the trombone family, with a sound series from warm and mellow to dark and threatening.  Cimbasso has three to six piston or rotary valves; a mainly cylindrical bore. The cimbasso is usually played by a tuba player because its mouthpiece is the same as the tubas.



Your habit of movie watching is considered as a hobby if you acquire ideas and lessons from it.  Therefore, watching movies helps individuals to learn important lessons from them along with entertainment. Another reason why watching movies is not a waste of time is that movies are the best form of entertainment and relaxation  Cinema allow us to feel different emotions; thrill, happiness, sadness, intensity, comfort, shock, nervous all these roller-coaster of emotions is one reason why people love watching movies.

circuit training.jpg

Circuit training

Hobbies are something that you do in your free time meanwhile it also helps you to improve your personality. Circuits Training is also a great hobby. And that would make a good impression of yours Even you should adopt other hobbies also that would let you grow as a person Circuit training is a style of workout where you cycle through several exercises goal different muscle groups with least rest in between. The result is a Circuits Training that taxes your muscular strength and endurance and your cardio respiratory system.



Circus hobbyists have a lot of fun creating new and exciting circus acts. They use their imagination to come up with new stunts and tricks that they can perform in front of an audience. Circus hobbyists also enjoy learning about different circus disciplines, such as acrobatics, equestrianism, and clowning.

citadels game.jpg

Citadels board game





2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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