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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Epoxy resin keychain.jpg

Epoxy resin making




Equestrianism is a latin word which means horse riding or horseback riding. There is a difference between simple horse riding and Equestrianism Horseback riding. Simple horse riding is only for enjoyment and thrill, but if you use the horse riding for practical use such as transportation or vaulting purpose, it is Equestrianism horse riding. You should learn equestrianism horseback riding because it is very beneficial and you can use it for the professional purpose also.

Escape game.jpg

Escape game

Escape game is also known as an escape room, is a game in which players are playing in teams and cooperate and coordinate with each other to achieve specific goals in a fixed time. These goals are usually solving the puzzles and tasks completions. You can find an escape room in your city and play this fabulous game with your friends and family members. It is fascinating to solve these kinds of mysteries.



Escapology is a type of hiding and seeks game, but it is very much different from it. In escapology, you have to escape from restraints and other trapping areas. Their particular Escapology rooms are made for this game, but you can also develop one in your house. Escapology inevitably increases your condition fighting skills. By playing with friends, you can compete with your expertise with them.

Esperanto talking.jpg

Esperanto talking

Esperanto is one of the internationally recognized languages, which was created by a Polish ophthalmologist named as L.L Zamenhof. It is an IAL (International Auxiliary Language). You can visit and coordinate in any country if you are familiar with Esperanto talking. Esperanto talking is universally used in all over the world. You can learn it online or from Esperanto teacher.



Espionage is the process or practice of spying on someone or something to obtain the secret information without the permission of information holder. It is a fascinating and exciting hobby, but sometimes there is some moral restriction on this hobby. You can practice of spaying with your friends with their permission, but without permission, it could be harmful to you by law.

Esports commentator.jpg

Esports commentator



Essential oil making

Essential oils are those oils which are must need for the healthy growth of your body. You can prepare these essential oils in your home by using simple methods such as crushing and solvent extraction etc. Linseed oil, Almond oil, Soybean oil and other nuts oils can be extracted easily at your home. You can even use these oils for cooking purpose. So prepare these essential oils at your home in your free time, use them and give to your friends and loved ones also.


Euchre card game

Euchre card game finds its origin in North America based Euchre game. Card games are the perfect way of spending your free time enjoyably. As it is a partnership game, which can be only played with four peoples, that is why you need your friends to play this exciting game. You can play it anywhere during your free time.



Euphonium is ancient Greek based musical instrument which has 3-4 valves with a conical bore and brass lining. It produces a very melodious sound during its play. You can easily obtain it from traditional music shops and try it at your home during your free time. You can cast a spell on your friends by playing it.

Excursion trip.jpg

Excursion trip




Exercise is not just a hobby, and it should be a permanent routine of your daily life. You can do a unique type of exercises in your free time, such as Yoga. Running and jogging are the best exercises which you can do to stay fit. If you can join the fitness class in your free time, it is best for your health. You can also go to a gym for exercise in your free time.

Exhibition drill.jpg

Exhibition drill

Exhibition drill is a type of drill in which different march sequences and feats are shown to the people in ordinary parades. There is a powerful relation between exhibition drills and military parades. You can say that exhibition drills are soft and usual types of military parades. If you have had a strong desire to join the military, and you want to walk like a soldier, then an exhibition drill is a perfect opportunity for you. You can practice the exhibition drill in your free time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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