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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Fife playing.jpg


Fife is a musical instrument that is similar to piccolo. Fife is a very ancient instrument which was used in military marching band in its earlier days. If you become a perfect fifer, the only thing you have to do is to grab your fife and start practising it in your free time at your home. You can take online tips also for playing it. It produces a very melodious sound and music.

Fighting game.jpg

Fighting game


Figure skating.jpg

Figure skating

Figure skating is an Olympic level game in which the participants perform different styles of figure skates in front of judges. It is the best game if you want a flexible body. It can prove a very good game for your body because every muscle of your body stretches during figure skating. You can learn figure skating with the help of a trainer.

figurine collecting.jpg

Figurines collecting


Film making.jpg

Film making

Film making is an industry and a high potential business nowadays. If you have a potential of making a good film, you can start your film making studio. It is a challenging field, and a long time hard work is needed to be successful in this industry. You can begin the film making as an assistant, and when you have the experience, you can start your film.

Fine art collecting.jpg

Fine art collecting

Collecting fine arts masterpieces is the best thing you can do in your free time. You can collect beautiful paintings and decoration pieces of famous artists such as Pablo Picasso. You can collect these fine arts from the exhibition and traditional art shops. It is a very beneficial hobby for you if you have an artistic taste. Make a collection of masterpieces and save them at a safe place.

Finger knitting.jpg

Finger knitting


Finger Painting.jpg

Finger painting

Usually, paintings are made by brushes but have you ever seen a painting by using fingers. Well, you can certainly do that, and you can take the brushwork by your fingers. The finger paintings are lovely to look because it is also a part of the art. You can make finger paintings at your home because you need only a canvas and colours.



A fingerboard is the type of a skateboard and Fingerboarding is same as skating, but the only difference is that the skating is played through feet while Fingerboarding is played with fingers. A fingerboard is usually 100mm long, and you can play it on a smooth table anywhere in your home or office. Firstly, you will find it is annoying, but after some time you will find it very interesting.

fire eating.jpg

Fire eating

Fire eating is a type of circus feat in which a performer puts a flaming object in mouth and extinguish it. It is another perilous feat which should not be performed without training. You should take proper training and practice before implementing it in front of the public. You should also not play this at your home.

fire dancing.jpg

Fire poi

Fire poi is a type of musical dance which includes the dancing tricks by manipulation of fire. It is highly recommended that you should not try fire dance until you have to learn about it. There are many feats involve in fire dance such as jumping through the fire ring, striking the burning drum and using the Behr.




2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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