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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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flea market.jpg

Flea market 

Shopping, this is the word that everyone loves. Going to markets and buying different things is a relaxing activity. But many people make this activity more joyful by going to Flea Markets for Shopping. Where you aren't shopping with your cart, you are going to stalls and spending time to find out your desired products and then buying and walking through all the market around you. You can watch videos and vlogs of people on YouTube and know how they are doing it and how popular it actually is?

Flipping items.jpg

Flipping items


Floor tom.jpg

Floor tom 

Floor Tom is a musical instrument, actually a drum instrument. Where the performer places the drum on the floor position and plays it with a stick. Floor drum has the deepest drum tone comparing to other types of drums. Music lovers enjoy the beats of it. And especially for making 8d sounds the sound producers use Floor tom drums to create deeper and a realist sound for their music.



Floorball is very similar to hockey, In fact, it's a type of floor hockey. In Floorball each team has 6 players. In Denmark, Norway, and Sweden people enjoy this game more than any other country. The rules are very similar to hockey, like players cannot jump during game time and players cannot down on their knees only goalkeeper is allowed to down on his or her knees to save the strick. If you love the contact sport or you are a fan of hockey then you have to take a chance on floorball.

Floor hockey.jpg

Floor hockey


Flower arranging.jpg

Flower arranging 

There is a hobby of gardening, planting, Flower, or trees growing. But there is another type of hobby which is choosing out your perfect matched flowers and arranging them together in a vase or anything else in order to make a beautiful handful of flowers. Most often gardening lovers and flower lovers do this very passionately. But it's a quit relaxing and a mind refreshing hobby a lot of people taking their part in it.

Flower collecting and pressing.jpg

Flower collecting and pressing 

Okay, you have a hobby of flower collecting or flower arranging, but what if you love collecting flowers but then after some days they went dry and die. Many passionate people won't like to let these flowers die, so they have invented a new way to make flowers remain years and you can collect and save them even in a small book-sized place. This is collecting your favorite types of flowers and pressing them so they won't go dry, and you can enjoy and grow your list of flowers and enjoy the hobby of collecting them.



It's a type of musical instrument. It's very similar to the trumpet but many people say that playing flugelhorn is easier than the trumpet, and that's the reason many beginners choose playing fluegelhorn over the trumpet. For music lovers or musical instruments, lovers enjoy the beats of it. But if you are new in this thing you might think it's not a good choice for having it as a hobby but it actually a very enjoyable instrument for new and beginners.



The Flute is also a type of musical instrument, actually, it's not a single instrument. It's a family of musical instruments. Each instrument has a different method of playing and a different type of sound. But all the Flute instruments have the same beat creation method in which the instrument creates sound through the air with an opening. Again if you are a music lover and you want something to play and enjoy you can start playing flute instruments, it's a lot easier than other instruments but still, you have to have some experience in order to create a great music.

Fluxx game.jpg

Fluxx game

Fluxx is a card game but it is very different from most of the card games we know. In Fluxx 2 to 6 players can participate. The rules for the game are very simple and makes the game very unique and interesting. Each player picks one card and play. Each card has different rules that affect the game like, new rules, goals, keepers, broke old rules, and many others. If you love indoor games Fluxx is the best game to enjoy and spend your free time with your friends.

Fly fishing hobby.jpg

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is actually a fishing method. And it's so much easy to catch a fish with the fly fishing method. The problem with normal fishing methods is, in normal fishing you have to go as close to the fish as possible, but in fly fishing you can do this from a far distance and it works really well. It has a light-weighted, long, and flexible rode. And a light weighted reel. You can watch a YouTube video to know how interesting it is.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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