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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Free reed aerophone.jpg

Free reed aerophone

Free reed aerophone is a type of musical instrument, which requires air pressure to create music and the air pressure is typically generated by human breath and it sounds like air flowing. As it's an old instrument, in the modern world the demand for it is very low, but it's a historical instrument and has a very interesting past. That's why historical music lovers enjoy this thing a lot. some people even collect these instruments and their other antique samples. For all the historical music lovers this hobby is very enjoyable and unique.

Freelance model.jpg

Freelance model


Freelance photography.jpg

Freelance photography



Freelance writing

Do you love writing or do you want to become a writer or a creative writer? A freelance writer is a writer who writes for money. No matter how and why he or she started writing if he is a freelance writer it means he is writing for a company or individual under a contract for a specific project. writing is the best thing you can do in your life you put a mirror in front of your mind and thoughts, in the result they reflect in the shape of writing. Humans are writing from thousands of years and it's the only medium we can transfer information from one generation to another. If you love writing or you feel creative enough to write for others then freelance writing can be a better fit for you.

Freestyle football.jpg

Freestyle football

Freestyle Football is playing cool freestyle tricks with a football using any parts of your body or juggling football. It's a way to an expression of your football skills. Many people who don't like football but love to play freestyle football it's not a competing sport but just a high level of passion. If you like these types of tricks or you are a football lover so you can start learning different freestyle football tricks to impress your friends or teammates.

Freestyle skiing.jpg

Freestyle skiing

In freestyle skiing, the performer or the player performs aerial flips, tricks, and spins, etc. Freestyle skiing is also a part of the winter Olympics. Many athletes hurt themselves during freestyle skiing and it can be dangerous for new skiers. You have to start this under the guidance of an export. If you love skiing or winter sports you can choose this just for a hobby but if you want to make it your profession you have to learn a lot more then just skiing.



The term freeze light is a type of light painting or light photography. In freeze light, you use light sources to create different types of freeze light art. For your understandings of how it works, Then you can imagine a light pen of kids and how it works on a whiteboard the freeze light art is exactly the same. Where a professional photo editor takes hours to edit and create a light art image you can do this in minutes. If you love these types of art, photography, and creative painting this hobby can be super exciting for you.

French horn instrument.jpg

French horn 

The French horns are 18 feet long but don't worry they are rolled up into a circular shape of 2 feet instrument. The Orchestra is the name of the band who plays these instrument and there are around 2 to 8 people in an orchestra. And together they play Melody, Harmony, and rhythms on these instruments. It's a band musical hobby, if you want to play these types of instruments you have to join a club or a band but still, you can play this at your home alone and enjoy it as a hobby.

French language learning.jpg

French language learning


Freshwater Aquariums.jpg

Freshwater aquariums

If you like to have fishes in your home's aquarium then you must have to know about the saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums. There are many species of fishes but in general, there are saltwater species and freshwater species. Because saltwater species of fishes require the same environment which can be found in oceans, so it's very hard for them to live in an aquarium. But unlike saltwater fishes, the freshwater fishes are very hard and can live almost any type of aquarium but they just need freshwater to live. That's why often the biologist or other people advise us to choose a freshwater aquarium because it's easier to breed these fishes than saltwater fishes. If you like fishes at your home in a beautiful aquarium then this freshwater aquarium is the best hobby for you.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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