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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Latte art

Have you seen those beautiful patterns made on your coffee? It's latte art and it’s a passion of many of the hobbyists. Latte art is a method of making different patterns with the microfoam shot over espresso. Latte art is not only confined to coffee, but it can be patterned on any of the drinks having microfoam. Two main types of Latte art are free pouring and etching. In free pouring, the patterns are made while pouring the microfoam, while in etching the designs are made with a tool.

Lawn Darts.jpg

Lawn darts 

Lawn dart is a sports-based gameplay that is an outdoor activity. In this game, there are two teams with four darts and two targets. The darts are large up to 12 inches and have three fins at one end while a pointing side at the other. The player is supposed to throw the darts into the target which is placed horizontally at a distance. There were many injuries recorded with this game; that’s why the United States and Canada have banned these games.

Lawnmower racing.jpg

Lawnmower racing

Lawnmower racing is a variant of racing in which the lawnmowers are modified to play race among the team members. The modifications are done in a way that the blades are removed while the engine is left functional.

League of Legends game.jpg

League of legends game

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that was released by Riot Games for Microsoft and macOS users. The game has a series of adventures that players have to pass, in order to become the champion of the game. Several action strategies are implied in this game to make it more interesting and challenging.

Learn how to build apps.jpg

Learn how to build apps


Learn how to Invest Money.jpg

Learn how to invest money

Business is an interesting subject for many of the people, even though they are not business students and sometimes even have no businesses of their own. Hobbyists of this practice are always in search of new and latest ways about how they can invest money in different industries and earn profit out of it. They see everything from a business and investment point of view. It requires a lot of analytical thinking and an urge for business to sustain this hobby longer with you.

Learning national anthems.jpg

Learning national anthems

National Anthems are the national identity of different nations. Different nations have the official anthems that they sing on different occasions. Some people just love different anthems, and they adopt it as a hobby to learn more anthems of different nations.

Leather bound books collection.jpg

Leather bound books collection


Leather crafting.jpg

Leather tooling

Leather tooling is a creative craft that makes different crafted pieces of arts out of leather straps. There is a strong skill set required, which increases with the practice. Different tools are used to make different patterns, utilizing personal creativity to craft stunning designs and patterns. For adopting this as a hobby, all you need is a vegetable-tanned leather, some basic crafting tools and some practice.

Legendary Encounters Alien game.png

Legendary encounters: Alien game

Legendary encounters: Alien is a multi-objective game, in which the players have to make different decks made up of characters. The characters come from four alien movies, and they have to fight against Xenomorphs, in order to survive. The game was designed by Ben Cichoski and is played by different people in their free time as a hobby.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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