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Interior Design

Interior design as a Hobby



A complete understanding of interior design as a hobby for beginners


Interior design is a passionate career for some hobbyists that found their calling for decorating homes and bringing them to life. Regardless of how you look at your liking for the hobby, it is also a fulfilling job to take up – one that pays really well! However, in order to start taking up interior decoration gigs, you must at first grasp the underlying basics to become a thorough professional. When you look to pursuing an interior design hobby, remember that decoration and design are two different perspectives altogether. It is the design that emphasizes upon showcasing how beautiful homes should actually look like.


New designers have a lot of opportunities and venturing into the field can be more than just design. It is the fraction of the job that you do. To ensure that your designs are understood by the client, the most important aspect of your journey is about communicating. There is a scarcity of good interior designers that have the skills and the capability of building a space while being able to envision the issues. If you’re doing this part time or have taken up interior design as a hobby, the payouts for basic projects can range from a mere $10 to $25000 a year. However, to stand out with your design aesthetics it is ideal to learn the basics of running such projects. Also, look for free resources at the end.


Top concerns for interior designers


For you, an excellent interior design is only the one whose end result will make the client happy. As the designer of the space here you’re considering how to make each room functional. Ultimately, it is the finished ambiance that makes the maximum impact. Also, your personality should reflect upon the final showdown! Know that as a hobbyist your key concern should be to adhere to the budgetary needs. But first, you must look into the requisite of every space. For your interior design hobby to become a creative aspect of your extended personality, you must treat every space as your own. Here’s how to do it.


Personalized spaces


Understand who will be using it and why. Is it a space for public usage or will it be private? Each of the rooms in the area must be livable to say the least. It must be usable as well as have an improved functionality meant for the activities in the space.


Finesse redefined


Ultimately the result should reflect personality, colors, and the beauty of creating a custom space. IT should include the things of your liking so that finally you should love the outcome of it. When working with a client, the design should be appealing to the person using the space. That should be like the client saying “this is much better than I thought and I love it!” – which means that the work is successful.


The interior should appeal to most people as well, so in order to establish the end result of your design you could ask the client, your family and friends to see whether they like the concept in the first place. Only then you should be satisfied with your creativity. The onlooker should be impressed by your interior design hobby effort that you put in and that’s the main motive for a hobbyist.


Dream design


It is the one that represents the client’s impression of the space they want to design based upon how they intend to use the space. For instance, it could be personalized with color likes and dislikes. As a pursuer of an interior design hobby, your main aim should be to provide choices to the client so that they find their vision getting reflected in your work. That’s the actual dream design for a hobbyist and not the dream design that people of the industry think of. Remember, it is always crucial to ensure that the requisite of the space is in accordance. Once you’re sure about what it is meant to be, you can go ahead with focusing upon the budget.


Economic perspective


Economy is always the last, but the primary concern for any interior designer. No, people do not want cheap furniture; they neither want you to quote exorbitant prices to them. With a lesser quality furnishing in the interior, the quality of the make and finish gets lost. Sizing and detailing also matters to get that perfect outcome of your design. But, again throw away furniture is just like dispensable money – you neither get attached to it nor it works for you in the future. So, it is important to choose what a person really wants.


Classic furniture finds love with everyone. Hence, your design project could be waiting longer to get finished only because you are waiting to choose the right kind of furniture. Instead of buying cheap and investing your money upon something that you do not relate to, try to reason your purchase.



Interior design ideas


Now that you’re aware of the various aspects that your interior design hobby must be devoted to, find out where your real liking is. Best of creative ideas are as below:


Carpet styles


Decorative rugs or carpets add sophistication to the interior. They create as much of a statement as they add warmth in the space. Enhance the place instantly with a carpet that appeals to you.


Rustic vibes


An open kitchen of a home can be given a rustic touch such that it makes for an appealing way for the family to get together. Touches of bohemian or vintage creatives give a stylishly endearing contrast to the smooth finish of the home exterior. Your guests should be in for some surprise!  


Extending limits

For even the small interiors to look spacious, you should design a room that has a calming effect. The right shades can provide a subtle look to the inside. Going with a balanced design always gives a more composed outcome. Even picking up smaller furniture pieces of utility leaves room enough to make even a small space seem much larger.


Design worthy pieces


Centerpieces or even items of décor are not just artifacts that you want to put up, these do build up the charm for your space. In fact, few decorative art pieces can actually pull the décor of an entire room together!


Home offices


For many who like to extend their homes into office spaces can enjoy the flexibility even through personalized room areas. These must be designed with an organized approach in mind.


To jump start your interior design hobby as a beginner you should be able to overhaul your skills first. Start looking into design magazines. Visiting the interior design expos near you also helps coming up with new ideas.  



Resources to getting started


Autodesk Homestyler


Visualize your designs in 3D. Place the design on the virtual floor plan to exact size. Insert actual product brands and discover design ideas. Also, get tips for design and paint ideas.


Home and Garden Television (HGTV)


Transform interiors by knowing what are the right colors and the prints for space. Use HGTV’s fresh tips to create homes that leave a lasting impression.  


Decorating Studio


Get access to the free decorative class online that helps you to develop your styles and room décor with tips from design professionals. This 6-hour lesson takes you to the basics of decorating rooms and interior design hobby ideas.


MIT OpenCourseWare Program


Become a student of interior design with this course is offered by one of the leading universities worldwide and emphasizes upon studying design principles from the comfort of your home. Also, get to know how to render presentations to clients.


Design Thinking


The 10-hour learning program offers an array of introductory material on interior design. The course is downloadable and can be printed for later reference. The guide includes lesson son how to use interior design techniques and activities that focuses on improving the skills.


Rhodec International


This course is offered for free by the renowned design school where students enrolled are tested upon their design skills by an interior design aptitude. Obtain all kinds of interior design essentials to build a solid foundation that helps you to nurture your interior design hobby.




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