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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Jogging: A Healthy Hobby



What is jogging? 

Jogging is a type of race in which the objective is to jog or run at a slow or leisurely pace, but traveling long distances. Jogging is very often used as a method of warming runners before a race and as a recovery exercise for those athletes who perform high-intensity exercises in their workouts.


How to Practice Jogging 

• First of all warm up each of your muscles, immediately start to start your career, if it is your first time, makes sure to run slowly, you will not want to suffer a mishap in your first experience.

• An easy way for you to observe your performance is to talk while you run, if you are too exhausted to do so, do not hesitate to slow down. But beware; do not stop; since this can damage your heart.

• Make sure to practice it on soft soils, since the asphalt produces shock waves that are harmful to your spine and joints, do not run on an empty stomach or after a meal, both states will produce discomfort such as dizziness, tachycardia or vomiting, At the beginning, schedule short training sessions (10 minutes, for example), and increase your duration from five to five, as long as you feel prepared and with the strength to do so.

• Finally, share your experience, invite a friend or take your pet, they will make your practice much more enjoyable.


Recommendations for Jogging

Although jogging is a physical activity that can be practiced by people of all ages and physical conditions, it is necessary to attend to a series of recommendations before practicing it, in order to do it properly, obtain the best results and avoid injuries.


Important Aspects of Making the Most of the Jogging Benefits 

1. Body posture: we must maintain an upright posture, with a slight forward inclination and always looking forward, without lowering the head. The arms should not be rigid, to be able to swing gently to the rhythm of our career. We must remember to control the breathing: inhale through the nose and expire through the mouth
2. Hydration: a little before starting the exercise we should drink water because as we exercise we will lose. Once we have done the jogging session we can take an isotonic drink since they will help us to replace substances lost during the exercise. However, we should not forget about hydration and keep replenishing liquids hours after jogging.

3. Stretching: we must warm the body gently before carrying out a physical exercise since we could suffer an injury. We have two ways to warm up engines: we can stretch all the muscles and rotate all the joints since jogging makes us move the whole body; We can also start the exercise in a smooth way and increase the intensity as we are ready. Of course, after the home session we must perform stretches to prevent contractures and stiffness, relax muscles and acquire flexibility.

4. Snickers: when we are not used to practicing such an intense sport it is inevitable to have stiffness during the first days. Just as to prevent them, the best thing for stiffness is to perform specific stretches in the affected area, apply cold and massage the part of the body that hurts with creams that refresh and tone the body.
Jogging is a way to train aerobic endurance, because it increases the ability to sustain an effort, with the balance between intake and oxygen consumption, for as long as possible.


Jogging brings a great benefit to the cardiovascular system and is very effective in the fight against obesity, as well as a way to keep fit and lose weight.

The results of jogging on the muscles are very positive since 70 percent of the musculature is used when running. Jogging also cushions the deterioration caused by age in bones and muscles, in addition to increasing bone density, preventing the onset of osteoporosis.

On the other hand, running, in any of its forms, is one of the physical activities that release more endorphins, which are molecules associated with the reduction of pain and the increase of pleasure. This means that in addition to the positive effects on the physique, people who practice jogging can improve their mental health and free themselves from stress and anxiety.

Running regularly to be in shape can be of great help for health and well-being, but experts say that for safety, those who practice this activity should control the pace and be attentive to how they tread.


Tips for Good Jogging Practice

To begin, we must avoid forcing the speed. The best thing would be to do a fast march that allows a better concentration on the breathing. Afterwards, the moderate race alternates with the fast walk. In the beginning, it is preferable to carry out short training sessions, about 10 minutes. Then add 5 minutes when you leave feeling more at ease. The ideal for good results at heart and muscle level is to run between 40 and 45 minutes without interruption.

The most important thing is to warm up beforehand. After a session, you have to take your pulse. A heart rate between 120 and 130 beats per minute corresponds to the effort required, moderate but sufficient, to strengthen the heart.

Light footwear should be worn, running preferably on a flat ground, since a hard floor will produce harmful waves to the spine and joints. Set a goal, since it gives the motivation to continue training, and above all, avoid running on an empty stomach or right after a meal.

Scheduled and Personalized Jogging

Do not get carried away by excessive enthusiasm in jogging. It is better to have a customized program tailored to your physical capacity. If you are new to this practice, you should not run more than 20 minutes a day. The performance will increase progressively as you practice this sport. It is best to run at the beginning smoothly.
When you feel exhausted, do not hesitate to walk but do not stop before 10 minutes. You should do stretching sessions for 5 minutes and then start a new 10-minute jogging session. After a practice at a rate of 2 to 3 times per week, you are able to run for 20 to 30 minutes without stopping.

It is always good to do stretching before resuming a second jogging session of 20 to 30 minutes. It never behooves you to overcome an hour even though you have become an ace of the race. During practice, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to avoid injuries. It is also necessary to drink frequently during pause times. A balance in the feeding is also necessary.


Jogging is a really entertaining and healthy hobby. At first, it can be tedious and can produce a lot of fatigue, but if they are persistent and consistent they will develop the skills to feel comfortable while they are doing it. Jogging has become a routine in the lives of many people, and the best thing is that it can be done by people of any age, as long as they feel able to do so. Jogging is an excellent hobby to stay fit and healthy, at the same time it turns out to be fun.



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