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Karaoke as a Hobby



Karaoke is a hobby of singing lovers. The literal meaning of karaoke is "empty orchestra". Karaoke fills you with the feeling of singing with a live orchestra. Its traditional roots are linked back to Japanese culture. It is a kind of art in Japan. Karaoke is the traditional activity of Japanese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnamese and Chinese families, in particular. These families take the tradition of karaoke with them wherever they move globally. Karaoke got famous across Asia in the 1980s and 1990s and was adopted on larger scales. In karaoke, the music on instruments is being played with no lyrics. You are there to sing your song on instrumental music. Karaoke is one of the most relaxing activities to be involved in while spending time with family or friends. Karaoke being the cultural activity of many countries is also be called a way of life.

How do we practice Karaoke

Karaoke is the hobby of music lovers. If a music lover turns to a singing lover then karaoke is the best hobby to enjoy alone, with family, friends and in other social gatherings. Karaoke is not about who sings it the best rather it is about who delivers it the best. There are some tips to practice karaoke as a hobby and to enjoy it fully.

Karaoke a hobby for music lovers

Before adopting karaoke as a hobby, be sure about it that it is the right hobby for you. Are you a music lover or not? Do you often sing in the bathroom? Do you prefer listening to music over useless gossips? If your answer to all of these questions is yes then you can be identified as a music lover.

No need to be a great singer

To practice karaoke, you just do not need to be a great singer. If you are an introvert and shying person just because you are a terrible singer then karaoke is for you as well. All you need to do is practice and show confidence to the audience. Remember not a single singer comes on stage without practice. A secret to their being a celebrity singer is their huge practice. The greater is a singer the more practice is in his background. Karaoke is a very positive and entertaining way to enjoy.

Pick a song you are comfortable with

Be picky about the song. To practice karaoke, it is necessary to choose a song you are the most comfortable with. A song whose lyrics you remember by heart. A song whose music takes your body movements and dancing steps along. A song that you think was written, composed and sung for you and that often fills you with ecstasy and happiness. You don't need to be worried about not having huge music systems to practice for karaoke. Just go the YouTube and search a song of your choice from countless available options. Remember the selection of an appropriate song for karaoke is the key to an entertaining performance.

Know your audience

When you are practicing karaoke know about your expected audience. Support them when they are performing. Do not be jerky because you will your turn too. Try to be nice and appreciate every performance.

Know your song

Listen to your chosen song carefully. Watch the available videos made on that song. Remember to focus on the pitch of the song. If the song is of high pitch and you have a low pitch this might not be a suitable song for you. Also, practice the correct lyrics of the song. Start practice on your song over and over again to get more familiarity with the song.

Practice in shower

The best way to practice karaoke is to practice in the shower. Singing, while taking bath, gives you confidence. You can sing loudly and nobody is listening to you. You can dance while singing and nobody is there to observe you. For karaoke as a hobby practice it in shower.

Focus on your breathing

While practicing on a song for karaoke focus on your breathing. Practice breathing from your nose while you are singing a song for karaoke. If you will use your mouth for breathing, you will be soon short of breath during singing. And you will miss the high notes or low notes of your song of karaoke.

Drink a lot of water in practice

When you are practicing to sing for karaoke remember to drink water. Do not let your vocal cords to get dried. Similarly, on the day of your performance keep drinking water when you are waiting for your turn. It is because the practice of singing a song can dry up your vocal cords and on stage, in the moments of performance. Also, avoid drinking or eating such foods which can potentially dehydrate you also you will lose your confidence because of dried up vocal cords.

Take care of high notes

In karaoke, practice is cautious of not shouting when you go on the high notes. The tip is when you are on high notes of your song go a litter louder in your voice but do not shout. It will disturb your vocal cords. And can also irritate the ears of listeners.

Prepare for weird computer set-ups

Remember the computer set-ups can be weird at any moment. Get prepared for this before your performance and wear a lot of confidence.


Do not forget to practice the “performance” on the song. As karaoke is not simply about singing it involves a lot of practice as well. Try not to yell and avoid screaming as well.


Karaoke is an effective way to tighten the relationships in families. Karaoke provides the opportunity for families and friends to spend time together. It is important to understand that karaoke is for entertainment. The families and friends establish stranger bonds on this occasion. Whether you are a good singer or not wear to be brave, do not get nervous. Nobody is perfect there.




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