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Knife throwing as a Hobby


Knife throwing, in a sport or martial application, involves similar mechanics or basic principles. The main objective is to point at the target and throw the knife with force. To be successful, few things must be considered such as distance, accuracy, body placement and a number of rotations. There are few sports that are alluring and learning knife throwing as a hobby is really interesting. The aim is throwing it accurately from various distances. It sounds easy, but actually, it is extremely difficult. 


How to practice it 

If you are really interested in acquiring the technique of throwing knives and promoting your hobby into a passion, here are five guiding steps:

1. Research knife throwing thoroughly 

Research a lot about this sport of knife throwing and be aware of the potential dangers. Look and read safety instruction of different knife throwing styles and knife types, view videos and prepare for further steps.

2. Purchase a throwing knife 

Throwing knives are available in a wide range. If you wish to develop knife throwing as a hobby, buying the knife specially designed for this purpose such that it resists breaking and bending.

3. Learn to throw 

Buying a throwing knife means you have to start practicing. Be very careful and stat with a wooden board out in the open. Ensure no one is in front of you. Of course, few tries are a must to get it right.

4. Practice 

Practicing ensures success, like any other activity or sport. If you get friends also interested in knife throwing, it will get better and you stay motivated to practice more.

5. Join or start some competition 

Joining competition is optional, though the fact is that it drives you to learn to throw knives skilfully. In case, there is no competition nearby, you can start one. Just hang out a board in your backyard and start throwing knives, have local competitions and thus pit best knife throwers. You are sure to get motivated with little competition.


Beginners Tip to knife throwing 

• Basically, start with hammer grip knives. This is the easiest with fingers wrapped around the handle and thumb touching the top of the handle offering extra control.

• Maintain 10 feet distance from the target. Put left foot forwards, aim, aim with the right hand and right foot back at 45-degree angle. Be stable and bend your knees slightly.

• Position the knife above your head straight back, learn to release the knife with consistent practice.


Knife throwing as a hobby has always been popular as a sport, entertainment and also to while away time. This is an art demonstrating accuracy. Remember to throw the knife hard and mark your success. 

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