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Larping hobby

Larping as a Hobby


We all want a happy life, full of glorious and positive moments. However, we are immersed in a society where stress, commitments, work and the complications of life are our shackles. True happiness lies in the balance between stress and relaxation, both for the body and the mind. Scientific studies have shown that hobbies help to achieve the exact balance. Are you fond of larping as a hobby?


What is larping as a hobby?

The role play is a technique of group dynamics that aims to help develop the social perspective and empathy by representing different roles within conflicting situations where different positions that have to be combined intervene. It is used to work on interpersonal relationships, behavior, values, and attitudes.


Why larping:

• Realize what they do, how they do it and the consequences of their behavior.

• Try or experience new behaviors in a climate of limited risk (it is not a real situation).

• Learn to observe people in a situation and reflect on their behaviors and their effects.

• Identify different ways of reacting to selected situations.

• Learn to change opinions and attitudes.

Application guidelines for larping as a hobby: 

There are different modes of role play: they can be considered individually or in groups.


In cases of larping as a hobby?

• You have to choose a topic that is conflicting and motivating for the student.

• You have to define or present the situation where the story or conflict takes place: the specific problem posed the scene, the characters and the positions that are present.

• Indicate the characteristics of the character that is represented in general to ensure improvisation.

The role play can be used as a complement to apply and integrate the learning made by the students; to reinforce the acquisition, make inferences, generate new ideas, reflect, etc.

This resource can also be presented before applying the learning. In this case, the role play supposes the first exploration of the previous knowledge and the subject; and will illustrate and give meaning in the exposition and later explanation.

Another possibility is to insert the exhibition and the explanation of the contents at the time of the application of the resource, in the debate phase, at the time of the consultant's interventions.

To reach the learning objectives, the answers have to be discussed with the group of students, in order to reflect on them and be able to draw conclusions from this experience. other role-playing games were nothing but an attempt to transfer the role of a table to a computer program. And all those who came after tried to perfect that idea by giving them more depth and a superior graphics display as the advances of the later machines allowed it.


Following the parameters of these role-playing games or larping as a hobby, and trying to move them as far as possible to their counterparts in console and computer, in my opinion there are three conditions that should be met for a video game to be considered a role: the creation of the character, the evolution of the character and the absolute freedom to move and perform various actions in a more or less broad scenario.





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