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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Magic Tricks

Magic as a Hobby




Performing magic tricks combines many different hobbies. Some games are based on manipulation, making us train the necessary movements. Others are based on "appliances" that we will have to manufacture ourselves. In addition, we will have to "create our texts", and learn to "act". That is, it combines crafts, writing, theater, and much more. Something that keeps our brain active is to learn constant things and if they are useful or entertaining, better than better. So, why not learn to do magic? What is more useful and comforting than to make a child laugh or hope? Are you practicing or want to practice magic tricks as a hobby?


Magic tricks as a hobby: 

1. It is a hobby that gives great satisfaction:

Oddly enough, magic is one of the great hobbies by the number of practitioners in countries like the United States. Magic is deeply rooted in our lives and, of course, generates a lot of curiosity. Learning their secrets and learning to be a good guardian of such secrets is a great personal satisfaction.

2. Discipline the mind:

Studying and training are not easy: it is a long road, which needs to be enjoyed without haste, savoring each point of the journey. Studying magic can help you to discipline your mind if you do it the right way: step by step; book to book, matching game. Learning magic teaches you to exercise patience and to realize that rushes are never good companions.

3. Provide manual and psychomotor skills:

Of course! Even the most awkward of magicians acquires very particular skills in their practice. The hands and fingers are strengthened; the harmonic movements, rhythm, and pause are worked. Coordination is fundamental for a magician and that is why it is something that should never stop being perfected in this exciting art.

4. Teach and train social skills:

Magic is interaction! Magic is made to be presented to an audience to be amazed, wonder, entertain, and have fun ... Whether in the short distance or from a stage, the practice and improvement of the magical arts can turn the student into a great communicator

5. Magic gives you the opportunity to know a new world:

Magic is a new world that can make you travel the world and meet interesting people who are in love with your same passion. Learning magic tricks, like those you can enjoy in our show of magic and humor, is not only a very fun activity. It also has several advantages.

Advantages of magic tricks as a hobby:

The first thing we must make clear is that there are magic tricks that are quite easy (or even very easy) and that, however, have a really impressive effect.

Some of the advantages of learning magic tricks are the following:

- Help to overcome shyness 

-  Help overcome the fear of public speaking

- Develops problem-solving skills and creativity 


It is a very, very complete hobby.


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