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Manga as a Hobby


Manga as a hobby is practiced by many. Read by social obligation? To increase knowledge or to develop the critical spirit in Secondary students? Above all these ambitious and lavish objectives, the genome of the project contains the idea that we have tried to share with the professionals linked to the colleges and institutes visited in several Spanish provinces and, especially, with the almost 4000 students who have lived with us part of their teaching hours: always approaching reading, and above all, for pleasure. For this, we try to find the paths with more possibilities of success, if they exist, with a fundamental thread: good stories in attractive supports carried out by characters and situations with those who identify themselves outside the school environment.

Together with the school, the family nucleus is the main mediating agent between childhood and books. It is not about 'persecuting' them with reading, nor about establishing rigid schedules. It is more about inviting, seducing, and helping them enjoy the pleasure of reading. No matter how tired it may be of the body or mind: enthusiasm and fun greatly improve our mental well-being. If we add teamwork, all to one for the same objective, distributing tasks, the result can be even more satisfactory if possible. Manga is the number one creative hobby! There comes a time when one wonders: among all manga authors, which one is the best? That is exactly what the Japanese otakus have answered in a survey. With you, the best mangakas are there.

Each and every one of the manga readers in the world has a favorite author on their personal list, although at the time of valuing them all, which is the best performing their work? The Japanese website Charapedia has asked ten thousand users the same question and altogether one hundred and twenty names of mangakas have been collected. At the time that the final episode of the Naruto manga, well-known work of the author Masashi Kishimoto, was released in November 2014, many people shielded themselves that the series had not officially ended since they still had the animated adaptation.

What to do for Manga as a hobby?

• Propose, not impose for Manga as a hobby

It is better to suggest than impose. Avoid treating reading as an obligation.

• Accompany

The support of the family is necessary for all ages. Let us not leave them alone when they apparently know how to read.

• Be constant

Every day you have to reserve a time to read. Let's find relaxed moments, with a good mindset for reading.

• Respect

Readers have the right to choose. Let us be aware of their tastes and how they evolve.

• Ask for advice in Manga as a hobby

The school, the libraries, the bookstores and their specialists will be excellent allies. Let's pay them a visit.

 •Stimulate, encourage

Any situation can give us reasons to get to the books. Let's always leave palatable books within reach of children.

• Organize

Disorganization may be at odds with reading. Let's help them organize: their time, their library... 





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