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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Puppet Theater

Marionette theatre as a Hobby


What is your favorite thing to do? What is that activity that gives you absolute enjoyment and that you could spend hours executing without even noticing the passage of time? Many like to listen to music, others to do it. Some idolize StarWars movies and others do yoga. Some collect stamps and others wait for the newspaper of the day to solve the crossword, the Sudoku or the soup of letters.


According to psychologists, hobbies allow the person to disconnect from the daily routine, decreasing the effects of some common disorders such as stress, sedentary lifestyle, loneliness, isolation, among others that often suffer from daily obligations.

Nowadays a Marionette theatre as a hobby that is taken by millions and trillions of people, It is true that the puppet itself is an effect, but physically he is cold, he is neutral, and the actor must incorporate his life, his psychological characteristics. You can have the passion for the movement, for what this specialty is; but for the doll, as such, it is an inanimate figure but a puppet is an object that you build and that you enrich. You fall in love with the character and what you do with him, but after the show you keep it and it's still an inanimate figure.

People who take Marionette theatre as a hobby claim that when they start Marionette theatre, it is just a hobby, something new; but after you are in it and that "bug" starts to enter you through the blood, it becomes something else. Currently, the puppet theater is peoples life and the center of a reason for being and doing.


What does Marionette theatre as a hobby consist of?

• Painting, trimming and gluing the children will create an original puppet theater, from a cardboard box.

• They will develop their creativity and imagination while having fun with other children.

• Get yourself a good script because from now on you're going to create your own plays.

• Next, we will create a portable theater to transport it from one place to another comfortably.

• For the manufacture of the theater, it is necessary to have a square cardboard box. You must choose the size according to the space you want to stage your works.

• Cut out the top and bottom faces and make a rounded opening to create the exit to the stage.

• You can paint the exterior walls if you want to give it a more professional touch.

Now print the theater's label and choose one of the following columns (make two copies of the column): 

• Place the first one above the exit to the stage and each column next to the exit.

• Once the theater is done it is time to make the characters of the work.

• Then you have a few, although you can manufacture the ones you consider appropriate.

• Print them and color them. Do not forget to make a retaining tab for each character.


Do you sign up? Fun is assured.

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