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Mentoring as a Hobby


Mentoring is a powerful personal tool of development and empowerment in which an experienced and more knowledgeable person shares his experience and knowledge to a less experienced person and guides him all the way through his career based on his own expertise. it is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee seeking for the true guidance and advise. These are the characteristics of psychosocial support, career guidance, community skills and vast experience that makes you a great mentor of all the times. It is an idea of provoking others to manage their skills and maximize their potential and become the person they want to be.


How is Mentoring a Fun Hobby?

Well, what a cool idea to become a mentor and let others know what wonders they can bring to this world. Mentoring may have started as a bit of hobby but now, it’s becoming more structured and organized as you are in possession of someone’s mind. More than a fun job, mentoring is a responsibility on your shoulders that gives you a charge of helping others to progress and become what they are capable of. Yes, mentoring is really a fun and interesting thing to do which brings you a lot of pleasure and joy at the same time. When you mentor someone, you actually are pushing him forward to pursue his dreams and when he really does and you see dreams coming true only by a little guidance, what else will bring you the real joy then?

But it is not an easy task to be a mentor. You constantly need lots of patience, empathy for your mentees and a feeling of helping others whenever they need you. And you are supposed to be loyal to the advice you are giving to your mentees. Mentoring is not about being professional and throwing formal statements but you actually need to understand the position of your mentee and an ability to figure out what is best for his career options.
This relationship between a mentor and a mentee brings strong partnership and bonding whose outcomes are really amazing and surprising sometimes. You can always plan something better and achieve a different perspective that will definitely make a difference in your life and world too. You can choose to be a mentor in a field you think you are an expert or maybe any walk of life. Moreover, you can either be a spiritual, mental, career mentor of anyone.

Being a mentor is really exciting and a fun job which will give you leadership skills and a lot of respect in other’s eyes. It includes training, support, encouragement, trust, confidence and no doubt an experience of years to let you guide others. And if you are not a mentor, it is highly recommended to look for a great mentor because he is the person that can really make a huge difference to your life as you sometimes can’t see on your own. He is the person who has an eagle eye and can assess your capabilities, polishes them and encourages you to achieve your strengths.





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