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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

Piano as a Hobby


Playing piano gives an elegant sense for the player. We know it is called a pianist and to be a pianist gives you a different image. Yet I see the singers who play the piano. They look feminine if they are women and they look romantic if they are men. The piano really could change someone's image and character. Choosing piano as a hobby will help you to get a better world. As a basic learner, you just need to remember the notation. Move your fingers as fast as you could if you want to play a beat melody.


How to play the piano?

Remember the notation and start to move the fingers into the right notation in fast. It can be played solo or combine to another instrument to make a great melody. Whatever your choice, the sound of the piano gives a different feeling for the audience. Having piano as a hobby helps you to stay happy. Ask your friends to play together will create the best harmonization. Let start with slow rhythm. Once you already get used to the piano, you can try the fast rhythm.

The first step to learn is by trying to notice the basic note and apply it in a song. The simple and repeated tone is 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. For the first beginning, you can try to memorize the tone of this song and try to apply it on the piano. To be a master, you have to start from the basic. What would you like to do for the next step? Try the difficult song to play!

Piano as a hobby gives you a lot of benefits. Someone who loves to play instrument or singing will be less stressful and good in academic. He or she also will have a better social skill. If you play it regularly, it helps you to build your confidence and avoid the mood swing. Expressing feeling when you play the piano helps you to enjoy your life. It is full of fun! A piano is not a dangerous music instrument and it is not difficult to learn. Therefore, you can ask the kids to play it too.

How old is an ideal old to play the piano? If you think it is fun, no matter how old you are, you still able to learn the piano. To have it as your hobby, there will be no difficulties and pressure when you learn it because you love it. Therefore, like or love this hobby will help you to learn fast and have a full of fun during your time on learning it. No more a bored feeling for it.


Playing a music instrument develops the brain very well. Whatever your age is, playing an instrument helps you to stay happy and memorize well. The sound of the tone sharps your ears. Too many benefits from the piano for you. Therefore, would you like to miss a piano lesson in the school? Make it as a hobby will give you the extra benefits!

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