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Rapping as a Hobby


From the 80's onwards, rap began to spread all over the world, becoming a hobby for many young people or even adults; it is directly related to hip-hop, this type of music or genre, has characteristics that are usually distinguished from the rest, such as the topics that are commonly associated with disagreement with the system, or with violence, sometimes can be used to promote it, however, a large percentage are those that are in the same category as those that are not. It's important to keep in mind that rapping is not synonymous with vagrancy or incompetence; on the contrary, it is simply a way of transmitting a message to young people (which is the largest audience).


Elements to rap as a hobby

To make rap a hobby, you basically need the desire to do, although it is recommended that you take the habit of constantly reading so you can expand your vocabulary when improvising or writing. You need to maintain an order of ideas when you want to say something or rap, so it will be less common for you to be mistaken when speaking or reciting; you must keep in mind that you must keep informed of any important issue to put it under control, remember that rap is about expressing ideas, and discomfort; and finally to practice it and try it more and more frequently, so you can perfect the way you do it.

You should know that rap is not only about a specific costume or a particular habit, but also about keeping clear ideas, and wanting to express them, related to politics, social system of life, or even urban life, basically it is trying to transmit a message to as many people as possible, specifically teenagers who are the ones who usually listen rap and are believed to be the most capable of creating change because they are the new generations. In this way they try to achieve a revolution of consciousness, only that rap does not always transmit protest information, there are many people who rely on rap to express other kinds of feelings. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to handle it, so the results obtained by the receiver are not negative.

The common dress of a rapper is usually wide pants, wide shirt, and sport shoes, sometimes flat caps, or chains, this style arises from the 90's in the hip-hop era.

The rap melody is known as a "beat" and is in charge of naming a rhythm that is characterized as the basic beat of rap to be originated, i. e. the base.


In the mid-1990s, Rap became a hobby for the generation of teenagers of the time, since its expansion was very fast and predominant; it began as an uprising of ideas and thoughts that sought the way to be heard, marking a change that even today works for infinite uses as a transmitter of socially relevant information, and at the same time has become a musical genre that is completely commercial throughout the world.

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