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Slacklining as a Hobby


As a way to cool off, what comes to people's minds is hiking, camping, taking some cooking classes or wine tasting or even taking some cooking classes. However, there is more to explore in this world than you can imagine and slacklining is what the great sport that I am about to present to you.


What is Slacklining?

Slackline is a sport in full swing, which consists of practicing balancing on a flat ribbon, usually about 5 cm wide, nylon or polyester, anchored to two fixed points that are usually trees. Many people confuse it with tightrope walking, but it is not the same, since in the slackline we use a rope that swings and bounces, instead of a very tense metallic cable.


Some Modes of The Slackline 

Trickline: It consists of performing tricks on the string, which is usually placed more than one meter from the ground, and usually extends more than 15 meters and less than 20 meters. The recommended width for this modality is 5 cm.

Highline: Strings similar to those of longline are used, with the difference that they are placed more than 20 meters high, and a safety harness is used. It is the most impressive modality that generates more adrenaline, and only the most advanced riders do it.

Slackline yoga: As its name suggests, it consists of performing some of the yoga positions on the ribbon, which requires a lot of skill doing slackline and much practice in the world of yoga.


How to Start Practicing Slackline

• Keep your eyes straight ahead, at a fixed point at the end of the tape.  At the beginning, we make the big mistake of looking down.

• Raise your arms and use them to balance yourself. They will be your best tool. Try to form a line between the foot that is in the air and the opposite hand.

• The dolls have to remain relaxed, and the breathing has to be paused.

• When you walk, bend your knees and concentrate on going looking for balance on one foot at a time. Staying on one foot is easier than on both since you can use the other leg to balance yourself. Go looking for balance. The rest will come later, as we will move forward changing the weight from one foot to the other, not trying to keep it between the two.

• Start at the end of the tape, it will be more stable than the center.

The Slackline can be a very fun and original sport; it can even be done as a hobby without any problem. So do not wait any longer and get on one of these tapes and enjoy something different and entertaining. 


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