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Sudoku as a Hobby


Sudoku puzzle is a logic-based puzzle and is captivating. The nine- by -nine grid appears in most newspapers and Sudoku as a hobby costs you nothing. Even several online websites can be checked for a Sudoku column or hardcore lovers can download the Sudoku app. Over time, you can develop your own puzzle solving strategy.


How to practice Sudoku Puzzles 

There are two techniques to solve a Sudoku puzzle; Crosshatching and Penciling In. These are simple, reliable, straightforward and sufficient to solve most standard Sudoku puzzles. It is also essential to know that these puzzle players should visit each another at one time.

The rule is to place each digit in some block, column or row. Comparing the digits needs with those given in the nearby blocks teaches you to eliminate the impossible and to select the perfect digit. 

Eliminating cells for a particular digit by crossing cells in the same column, same row, and the same block is also perfect. The solver can scan all the regions.



• Soduku solvers can use a pen, or if you feel comfortable, use a pencil. The pen is for definite entries and pencil for less certain entries.

• You can go by numerical order, find the definite possible numbers and fill in. You can also solve with digits appearing frequently and pick the ones that appear less frequently.

• If you want to continue to have Sodoku as a hobby, you will soon solve two Soduku types, the hard and also the easy ones.

• A very important tip is not to work Soduku practice questions as they solve faster. On the other hand, the actual Soduku puzzles take time to solve.


A Suggestion 

Playing Sudoku using a computer is also helpful as you can keep a blank grid open and consider filling it once you are done. Every solver certainly finds a suitable method of playing, the method selected by one solver does not necessarily mean it will be convenient for others. Certain methods are followed individually and so you can also develop some techniques and tricks to your game solving.

There is no doubt that Sudoku has become a game that passes time to many people, young and old. People are found solving while they are traveling or even as they are sitting free on the lawn. Sudoku as a hobby is the best and can be enjoyed more when you become adept at using tricks or strategies to tackle harder puzzles.



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