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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Swimming: The Sporty Hobby


Swimming is one of the most competitive sports out there and a great way to get fit. It enhances your strength and your cardio fitness. There are different styles and techniques in swimming and each one has its own benefits.

Swimming is a hobby that can be practiced by your entire family, from newborn babies to older adults and its benefits are off the charts.

As a low impact exercise, the strain on your joints, muscles, and back are minimal. It may have a slight impact on your joints, but it has some major impacts on your health reducing your cholesterol levels and improving your blood circulation and blood pressure.

This amazing hobby helps you tone your body, improve stamina and balance, releases stress and tension. Swimming as a hobby is recommended for people recovering from certain surgical procedures.

The different styles of swimming can be mastered easily, you don't need to have your own pool as you can go to local clubs or public swimming pools that offer classes to teach you how.

As a beginner all you need in terms of equipment is your bathing suit and a pool, that's it, you can go ahead and dive into one of the healthiest hobbies in the world.


You don't necessarily need to swim in a pool, lake, river, and beaches can be another place to practice swimming, if you live in a coastal or mountainous area you'll find these spots easier and more accessible if you can afford a membership at your local country club.

The equipment can be purchased from any online store or local sports goods store, there's no need to hunt down any special offers.

If you are a pregnant woman, swimming is the right hobby for you (after consulting with your OB-GYN). It helps you build abdominal and back muscles.

It may not look like it, but this can be a relaxing hobby, that boosts your energy and leave you refreshed and happy. Swimming as a hobby is a great way to build self-discipline, time management, and self-worth.

Swimming on a regular basis helps you burn that unwanted fat, and tone your body, as it also offers some aerobic activity.

You can learn and practice this hobby in many different places, swimming lessons at your local public swimming pool, private lessons if you happen to have your own pool.

Another way to explore this hobby if you already know how to swim is by joining Aqua-Aerobics classes and Waterpolo teams.

As I have mentioned before, in areas with seas family members who know how to swim will always enjoy swimming long distances to and from the shores. You won't find a more bounding hobby than swimming, a truly wonderful experience that you can share not only with family and relatives but with friends who also enjoy practicing this sport as a hobby.

Always remember to be careful if you practice it on open waters, remember all the dangers concerning high tide and a rough sea. 


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