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Taekwondo hobby

Taekwondo as a Hobby


Currently, Taekwondo is one of the types of martial arts most practiced, whether by professionalism, self-defense or simply by hobby. Both children and adults opt for this modern sport, which has become an Olympic combat sport since 1988.


What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art of Korean origin that stands out for the variety and spectacularity of its kicking techniques; it also includes techniques of hand and fist, elbow, foot and even knee.
Taekwondo is also composed of very different personal defense techniques such as grabs, blocks, dislocations or sweeps.


Taekwondo Techniques

The techniques of Taekwondo are varied, endowed with dexterity and forcefulness. The most important is the one referring to kicks (changui). This technique has some variations, such as spinning or jumping kicks. The blows are destined mainly on the trunk of the opponent.

The locks and defenses (maki) are characterized by the palm of the hand and the outer and inner part of the arm. The movements are planned according to the height of the attacker, being able to merge attack and defense maneuvers simultaneously.


His personal defense system presents different variables such as dislocations, sweeps, and projections. He also has techniques concerning the use of blows with an open hand (chingui) and fist (chumok).

The position (sogui) adopted by the fighter will also be important in the execution of the blows, and in blocking them. Adopting a bad position in combat can be a decisive advantage for the opponent.


Physical Benefits of Taekwondo 

• Increase cardiovascular resistance.

• Improves muscle strength.

• Increases flexibility.

• Power the knowledge of one's own body.

• It helps to develop coordination skills better and faster

• It provides control of a high level of basic movements that will allow in the future performing an optimal technical sports work.


Psychological and Social Benefits of Taekwondo

• Your mind will develop the bases of concentration.

• Children become more disciplined.

• The security itself that is obtained with Taekwondo is because children realize they are able to dominate their body in the environment, also making their self-esteem rise.

• Through different tasks and varied exercises, the child is fostered by fellowship and teamwork, as well as the importance of each individual within the group.

• With the practice of taekwondo values such as honesty, loyalty, respect, humility, love of neighbor is fostered.

• The child obtains cultural teachings that will allow them to know the customs, traditions, and ways of thinking of another race, which makes them more tolerant and supportive.

To practice this sport you only have to go to an academy or find an instructor to teach you and start training to develop physical and intellectual skills and techniques. This sport can be practiced for years and that is why many people do it as a hobby.


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