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Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi as a Hobby


Modern Tai chi is a form of martial art meditation practiced by millions of people around the world. In China, it is common to see people carrying out their routine in the park early in the morning before work.

This type of complementary therapy has recently earned the respect of researchers because of the health benefits it provides, in particular, by improving strength and balance.


And what is the best of all, is that anyone can practice tai chi since it is a type of very low impact exercise that produces well-being.


For many, it continues as a lifetime trip and they practice it as a hobby, thanks to the tranquility and benefits it brings.


What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art with therapeutic applications originating in the Chinese Empire, and whose practice is related to the achievement of greater physical and psychic balance.

The practice of tai chi is recommended practice for any age and sex because of the benefits it brings both physically and mentally. In general terms, we can classify these benefits into two large groups: the control of energy and physical improvements.


Benefits of Tai Chi

• It considerably reduces the levels of stress and anxiety, due to the control of the breathing necessary to carry out the exercises.

• It improves flexibility and is quite effective when it comes to fighting arthritis or muscle problems and pains.

• It stimulates the cardiovascular system although, being smooth movements and mostly anaerobic exercises, it also controls blood pressure.


How to Practice Tai Chi?

When it comes to practicing tai chi, a series of simple basic recommendations should be taken into account. In any case, these are proposals that facilitate the exercise, but it is not necessary to fulfill them to the letter or stop doing the exercises for not being able to fulfill any of them.

First, the best time to perform these exercises is usually the first hour of the morning or sunset. The ideal, whenever feasible, is to maintain the same schedule and perform them in the same place.

To practice Tai Chi, we will use baggy clothes and shoes that do not tighten and, if possible, natural fibers. It is advisable to practice it before eating or, after having digested to avoid interrupting it.

In practically all the cities we can find specialized taichí centers. In the same way, it is also common for gyms and sports centers to organize guided classes in this discipline.

The approximate duration is of an hour and a quarter, since it is usually done a previous warm up and, later, a few minutes are dedicated to relaxation.


In short, Tai Chi is a martial art dedicated to giving peace to people's lives and making them feel much better, in addition to protecting them and guaranteeing them a better life. This is undoubtedly one of the healthiest hobbies a person can have.


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